Cable TV Tariff Can Change, Users May Get A Relief; TRAI Is Open To ‘Finetuning’ Existing System?

Cable TV rules can change, as per TRAI Chairman
Cable TV rules can change, as per TRAI Chairman

Finally, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI has admitted, albeit indirectly, and under a veil, that the new cable TV regime is proving to be an expensive affair.

In an interview, TRAI Chairman RS Sharma has confirmed that they are open to ‘finetuning’ the existing system, and this means that the price of per channel, and bouquets can come down in coming days.

But, when will this happen?

TRAI Chairman: A Change Is Coming Soon For Cable TV Users

During an interview, TRAI Chairman has admitted that the new cable TV regime is a ‘paradigm shift’ in the existing structure and process of watching TV.

He said that although the users are now getting more choices, and there is a greater deal of transparency while selecting and watching the channels, there are some aspects like pricing which needs a revision.

Here is the exact statement: “When a new thing is put in place, you always notice that in some areas, things are not working out the way you had imagined, or in some areas, some finetuning is required,”

This clearly shows that TRAI is now working on a new pricing structure for cable TV companies and DTH operators, and the end-users can get a relief.

How Will TRAI Work Upon This?

There are several aspects which TRAI will consider before making a final call on revising the existing cost structure.

As per RS Sharma, data is the most important thing which will guide them to execute the changes.

Factors such as ARPU or Average Revenue per User derived by DTH firms, cable companies along with the number of complaints made by the users won’t be considered for the price revise.

It seems that TRAI will do their own internal research and scoop out data regarding the faults of the existing system.

He said, “We’re looking at this carefully and collecting data and will finetune (the regulation) at the right time.”

TRAI Will More Action Against DTH, Broadcasters For ‘Finetuning’

As per RS Sharma, Govt. is keen to improve the existing cable TV rules, and will take more action against DTH and Cable TV Firms, broadcasters who are not following the rules.

He said that the companies have started following the rules, giving an example of the secondary set-top box.

He said, “For example, one has already announced that they will charge only Rs 50 for the second set-top box,”

However, there are instances where the DTH and Cable firms are not executing the new rules in a proper way, and action will be taken against them.

He added, “We’ve issued show-cause notices, etc. So, we’re very proactive to ensure that aberrations that take place are set right before they become the regular practice.”

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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