Harry Potter Wizards Unite Game Available In India For Free: What’s This Game, How To Download & Play?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is available for India now
Harry Potter Wizards Unite is available for India now

Its time to rejoice, fellow Potterheads!

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite videogame is coming to India and soon!

The videogame was announced on November 8, 2017, and to say that it is much-awaited would be an understatement. The game was finally launched on June 21, 2019, for both iOS and Android-enabled devices.

When will the Harry Potter Wizards Unite be launched in India? Read on to know all the details!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite To Come To India Soon

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a videogame developed by both Niantic Labs and WB Games San Francisco. This is Niantic’s next venture after their popular videogame Pokemon Go, which has been a huge hit too.

It is an augmented reality game, similar to Pokemon Go, Ingress and was initially launched in the UK, the US and Australia. The new update is that the game will be rolled out to 25 more countries, and India is one of them. Canada, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, Philippines are some of the other countries where the game will be launched.

Apparently, it will be launched in a phased manner, which will depend on the maximum server load capacity. The size of the game is about 71 MB, which is comparatively less in size than the other games of today.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: What Will It Be Like?

The game is based on JK Rowlings’ much loved Harry Potter series, whose fandom is one of the largest fandoms in the world.

There will be a story within the game and players will come across their favourite characters, find artefacts, cast spells from the Harry Potter kingdom, which includes the prequel movie series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as well.

Jonathan Knight, studio head of Warner Bros. Games San Francisco said, “You see all your favourite characters and artefacts, whether it’s the Sorting Hat or Buckbeak or whether it’s Harry himself or Newt Scamander.”

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How To Download & Play?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a free game, and is available to download from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and its size is only 71MB.

The game also comes with a multiplayer mode and players are required to log in or sign up by verifying their age using their Facebook or Google account login. The game is pretty much similar to the concept of Pokemon Go and will require a lot of moving around and collecting the artifacts.

The game requires access to your GPS location, and your camera as well.

We do recommend players to be aware of their surroundings while playing this game and refrain from playing it while driving.

Once a commodity is spotted, the threat level will be analysed, and the player will be required to use an appropriate spell to obtain the said artefact.

Are you excited for the game to launch in India? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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