5 Impeccable Startup Lessons Which Amrish Puri Taught Us On The Big Screen

Startup lessons which Amrish Puri taught us
Startup lessons which Amrish Puri taught us

Today is the birthday of the great actor Amrish Puri, whose life and times have been legendary. He is remembered as one of the greatest villain characters to have ever come on the big screen, and he entertained us, taught us, scared us and incited emotions for more than 50 years.

Today, that is June 22nd is his birthday, and Google has paid homage to this great actor via doodle, which speaks volume about his contribution and his legend.

In his Bollywood career, he played some of the most memorable roles, and delivered some of the classiest, popular dialogues which became a legend in their own right.

There are hidden entrepreneurial lessons in them as well, and all we need is a vision to trap them.

Herein, we present 5 impeccable startup lessons which Amrish Puri’s dialogues gave us:


Dream Big. Dream The Impossible

In the classic movie Mr. India, Amrish Puri played the character of Mogambo, and his famous dialogue is “Mogambo Khush hua”.

He had a vision of conquering entire India: Not a village or a town or a city, but entire India.

He repeated this vision everytime he had a ‘team meeting’. His gang was forced to utter the words: ‘Hail Mogambo! King of India”, and this re-enforced his ideology, even if that was doomed from the beginning.

The term ‘Mogambo’ itself became larger than life due to this conviction, and belief.

Mogambo knew what he wanted, and he made no qualms on that: Just like an entrepreneur should be very clear on what he wants, even that means conquering entire India.

A Unique Statement, Point Of View Is Needed For Traffic

When it comes to business, then the most important aspect is traffic: Unless you have the traffic, you cannot sell your vision.

In the iconic movie Nagina, Amrish Puri plays the evil character, who utters “Aao kabhi haveli pe” to Sridevi, several times.

Here, the focus is to bring in the relevant traffic, at any cost. Even if that means breaking new barriers, and doing something which no one has ever done before. A unique cliche’ line or a statement which induces curiosity can make the difference between mediocre and excellent results.

This dialogue has become legendary now, and thousands of memes have been created.

Amrish Puri is still alive, due to this legendary dialogue.

Which is yours?

Money Is Not The Answer: Your Passion Is

In the 1990s hit movie Deewana, Amrish Puri plays the role of a greedy uncle named Dheerendra Pratap. In the end, while submerged in alcohol, he admits that money has no depth, and greed has no answer.

He emotionally tells that wealth has no meaning in life, and no matter how rich one becomes, money will always allude them.

This is an important lesson for the entrepreneur: If they are running after becoming rich, then that race will have no end. However, if the intention is to lead a satisfying life, then the results can be different, and better.

This dialogue has the power to change everything.

Don’t Be Obsessive Over Anything: People, Process Or Platform

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, arguably one of the greatest movies ever made, had Amrish Puri is a very pivotal, crucial role. He was the father of Simran, who loved Raj, and he stopped their union.

In the end, Amrish Puri finally allows Simran to unite with Raj, and this has so much depth in itself.

The entrepreneur should never be obsessive about any entity related with the business: Be it people, process or platform.

If the need arises, the entrepreneur should be ready to let go of anything and everything, in order to make things work.

Be The Greatest Salesman Ever

Amrish Puri plays a Ranjit Roy, a telecom behemoth in Aitraaz, and in the movie, he gives a very interesting perspective to both business and life: How to become the greatest salesman.

In this dialogue, he tells that if a person is able to become a good salesman, he can even sell pain.

This is a great lesson for all entrepreneurs because selling is the most important thing in business. Unless you know what sales is, there is no way you can actually understand what being an entrepreneur is all about.

What are your favorite dialogues of Amrish Puri? Share with us right here!

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