21 Year Old Indian Intern In the USA Arrested For Executing Rs 7 Crore Online Fraud: This Is What Happened!

Indian Intern In the USA Arrested For Executing Rs 7 Crore Online Fraud
Indian Intern In the USA Arrested For Executing Rs 7 Crore Fraud

A college intern, originally from India has been put behind bars for giving tech support in a huge telemarketing scam in the US.

Bishwajeet Kumar Jha is a mere 21 years old and will be spending the next 5 years of his youth in prison.

To say that he has dragged the country’s name through mud is the least.

The accused and some other interns who were a part of this heist were in the US as a part of the hospitality industry internships.

To know how the heist unfolded, read on!

Modus Operandi of Bishwajeet Jha And Other Interns

Bishwajeet Kumar Jha, along with his accomplices managed to loot a huge amount, as much as USD 937,280, as revealed by the justice department officials. Their target was people between the ages of 58 and 93, and the amount that was looted is from their retirement savings.

Almost two dozen people were looted of amounts ranging anything between $1,180 and $174,300

The seniors that were scammed were under the belief that they had bought technology support. Further, they were told that some amount of money had been refunded to their accounts accidentally.

The fraudsters asked the victims to send back the money that had been wrongly refunded to their accounts. This money was sent back to the bank accounts of the accused and his accomplices. Some of the money was also transferred overseas directly.

Caught and Sentenced to Prison

On November 20, 2018, the Newport Police put a stop to the whole illicit affair. The detectives of the Newport Police conducted a court-authorised search of the residences of Jha and the others.

A lot of the items that were connected to this scam were identified during this investigation, which was followed by another investigation. In the following investigation, the police found out that the majority of the money was transferred to a bank account in California, whereas the rest of the money was sent overseas to China, India and Singapore as well.

Jha has been ordered a 60-month prison sentence by the Department of Justice. He will be deported after he completes the period he has been sentenced to serve.

US Attorney Aaron L Weisman said, “The Department of Justice takes very seriously, and will advocate for the imposition of substantial criminal penalties for targeting vulnerable, especially elderly, victims through the commission of federal crimes such as this.”

It goes without saying that Bishwajeet Kumar Jha and his allies have brought nothing but disgrace to the country.

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