Airtel Beats Jio In Data, Voice Usage; Profits Surge By 24.36%, ARPU Improves As Well

Airtel has beaten Jio in data and voice usage
Airtel has beaten Jio in data and voice usage

Airtel is right on track and is marching ahead of its competitors at a rapid pace.

As per latest financial numbers coming in for Airtel for Q4 of FY 2019, there is some good, positive news for Airtel, as it has beaten market expectations and posted 24.35% more profit, compared to last quarter.

But the big news: Airtel has beaten Reliance Jio in data and voice usage, and this has happened for the very first time.

Not only that, but ARPU or Average Revenue Per User for Airtel has also increased.

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Airtel Beats Jio In Data, Voice Usage

Battling the cut-throat competition and the savage tariff war hasn’t been easy for Airtel, but they have not only survived, and but made a mark as well.

For the first time ever, Bharti Airtel has beaten Reliance Jio in terms of voice and data usage, and this changes everything: This means Airtel users are consuming more data, compared to Reliance Jio users, and this translates to better user-experience for Airtel fans and followers.

An average Airtel user consumed 11.04 GB of data in the last three months of FY2019, that is January, February, and March. This is an increase of 4.9% compared to the preceding quarter (October, November, December) when an average Airtel user consumed 10.5 GB of data.

At the same time, an average Airtel user made 858 minutes of voice calls in the last quarter, compared to 726 minutes in the preceding quarter.

An increase in both data and voice call means that Airtel users are experiencing better coverage and faster data speed now.

Airtel’s ARPU Improves; Profits Surge By 24.36%

As per the numbers shared by Airtel, Average Revenue Per User or ARPU for Airtel has also climbed up, so has the profit which has surged by a whopping 24.36%.

For January to March quarter, Airtel reported a consolidated net profit of Rs 107.2 crore, which is 24.36% more compared to the preceding quarter.

This surge in profits has been reported on the back of a one-time gain of Rs 2,022 crore.

Speaking of competition between Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio, the former has now narrowed the gap of ARPU with Jio.

For the last quarter, Airtel reported ARPU or Average Revenue Per User of Rs 123, compared to Rs 126.20 reported by Reliance Jio for the same period.

This is 18.3% more ARPU reported by Airtel, compared to the preceding quarter.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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