Use Airtel 4G Hotspot Without Buying It – Just Pay Rs 399/Month Rental (How Will It Work?)?

Airtel 4G hotspot now available under rent
Airtel 4G hotspot now available under rent

Airtel has unleashed the industry’s first rental scheme for 4G hotspot – This means that users need not purchase the hotspot device anymore.

All they need to do is, rent out the device, and start using it.

How will it work?


Airtel 4G Hotspot As Monthly Rental

Airtel 4G hotspot device was launched at a price tag of Rs 999, is now available under a rental basis. This is an excellent offer for those, who wish to use 4G hotspot from Airtel without any fixed commitment.

Under the new scheme, Airtel 4G hotspot can be used as monthly rental for just Rs 399/month.

But, what can will you get by paying Rs 399 per month?

50 GB Monthly Data For Rs 399

By paying Rs 399 monthly rental, users can get 50GB of 4G data, per month.

Hence, in Rs 399 per month, users are getting the device, and 50 GB of data, which is Rs 7.98 per GB.

Not a bad option at all, especially for those users, who are not sure if they want to spend Rs 999 on a device or not.

However, the said device has a 1500 mAh battery, which is somewhat less than what Jio’s 4G dongle provides. But again, you will need to make a purchase for the Jio’s 4G dongle, whereas Airtel’s 4G device can used as rental equipment.

Advantage Airtel 4G Hotspot Device

One of the biggest advantages of Airtel’s 4G hotpot is that, once the 50 GB of 4G data is exhausted, users can still access the Internet at a reduced speed of 80 Kbps.

Besides, upto 10 devices can simultaneously be connected with the 4G hotspot device.

In case there is no 4G coverage, the 4G hotspot from Airtel can automatically switch to 3G network, thereby giving uninterrupted service to the user.

Last month, Airtel had launched a new offer, wherein users can get the 4G hotspot device for free: In case they opt for 6-month or more monthly plan.

Airtel 4G Hotspot: Higher Plans

50GB per month is the default plan under the Rs 399/month rental program.

In case there is more usage, then the user can opt for higher plans as well.

These are:

80GB/month: Rs 599

120GB/month: Rs 799

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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