Trakin Tech Youtube Channel Hits 2 Million Subscribers: 7 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know

Trakin Tech Youtube Channel is now 2 Million Strong!
Trakin Tech Youtube Channel is now 2 Million Strong!

This is a moment of celebration and we are getting emotional, all right.

Trakin Tech, our Youtube channel, has just breached the 2 million subscriber mark, and we cannot hide our excitement! We are proud to announce that now, 20 lakh loyal fans are behind us, supporting us and pushing us to break new boundaries and new horizons.

Another jewel in the crown is that our popular tech channel recently celebrated its two year anniversary, on 20th April 2019.

Our Youtube channel has been hailed as one of the fastest growing tech channels in Hindi by Youtube, and the momentum is simply unstoppable right now.

We cover all the latest news from the vast world of technology and gadgets, and we are always finding new, innovative ways to keep our fans updated with the latest tech trends and news, as it happens.

From giving out authentic first impressions of newly launched smartphones to comparing them, Trakin Tech has always been honest to its fans, and this has obviously reflected in the ever-increasing graph of the channel’s followers and success.

While the celebrations were in full swing, Arun Prabhudesai, the Founder and Chief Youtuber at Trakin Tech credited the achievement of breaching 2 million subscribers to all the loyal followers of the channel and his whole team.

He said, “We have reached out to 2 million and more fans now, and it’s just the start! Our endeavor to provide the best technical information and news along with views and opinions will now become even more intense, and even more dedicated. A big thank you to all!”

We take this occasion, of hitting 2 million subscribers, to share some interesting facts about our beloved Youtube channel:

  1. Trakin Tech clocked 1 million subscribers on September 20, 2018, which means the channel went from 1 million to 2 million subscribers in a matter of only 7 months!
  1. Trakin Tech was named one of Youtube’s ‘Top Tech Creators of 2018.’
  1. As of today, The highest number of views recorded by the videos on the Trakin Tech Youtube channel is as high as 135,570,509.
  1. In the calendar year of 2018, the videos published by Trakin Tech gained about 77.5 million views.
  1. The total number of likes gained by the channel is 6,583,280, and the total number of comments is 923,107. Let’s talk about fan love here!
  1. The likes and comments on the tech videos of Trakin Tech in 2018 were 3.7 million and 6 lakh respectively.
  1. Trakin Tech’s Youtube channel has followers from around the globe, and these are the countries which stand in the top 10:
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Nepal
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • The United States
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

This journey wouldn’t have been so easy without the love and warmth of you all loyal fans.

Keep the love coming!

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