India Post Joins Forces With TCS To Digitalize 1.5 Lakh Post Offices & Create World’s Biggest ePostal Network

TCS to modernize India Post in achieving a significant milestone in its efforts to modernize and ramp up its mail processing centers and cater the future needs.

Every sector of the world, every corner today has refined or is undergoing technical transformation, to better connect with the tech-savvy future generations and keep their foot one step forward in this rat-race of achieving the best before anyone else can.

In August 2012 the Department of Post, Government of India, expanded its mail processing centres at New Delhi with an automated system that processed up to 55,000 mail pieces in an hour.

Seven years later, yesterday, on April 21, India Post joint in and partnered with the Mumbai-based IT company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in a multiyear deal, to digitize all the postal mail services in an effective manner.

Partnership Between TCS and India Post

TCS aims to modernise a network of more than 1.5 lakh post-offices around the country.

It targets to do so by implementing a Core system integration that will develop an integrated solution to enhance customer experience, mail operations, finance and accounting, which will surely drive in new revenues, devising the largest e-postal network in the world.

This deal between TCS and India Post was struck in 2013, when the Indian tech-giant had announced to have received a multiyear contract of over 1100-crore from the Department of Posts (DoP) for an end to end IT modernisation programme.

This integrated solution underlines the needs all of Bhartia Daak’s employees and services, outlining more than 5 lakhs employees, services of over 40,000 simultaneous users and about 3 million transactions a day.

“Our System Integration is one of the largest SAP programmes in the world”, as stated by TCS.

It has also implemented a Point of Sale (PoS) solution in 80,000 terminals across 24,000 post offices, along with setting up a web portal with consignment tracking capabilities and a multilingual call centre for customer support.

The Target To Embrace Digital & Technology

This partnership comes in light with an objective to digitize and improve technically, the nation-wide reach of India Post’s networks to drive financial inclusion and accessibility of citizen services in remote areas.

According to the Business group head, TCS, this mission is to pioneer in building a world-class future that can offer smart postal services, enriched customer experiences and innovative value-added services to the citizens of India.

India Post’s Banking System Is Getting Modernized

India Post Bank’s implementation of a new core banking system (CBS) platform is aimed at extending their reach and improving the quality of banking services available to the more than 800 million citizens living in India’s rural areas.

It digitized its 150,000 branches and boarded the accounts to the new CBS platform, introducing new services in the rural areas.

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