E-Commerce Return Fraud: Woman Buys Saree For Rs 1100, Robbed Of Rs 75,000 While Returning

Another addition to the already long list of online transaction frauds.

E-Commerce Return Fraud In India
E-Commerce Return Fraud In India

Online transactions seem easy and hassle-free, but only when you dig in deeper will you be able to uncover the frauds and discomfort the whole thing creates.

One such unaware customer has fallen prey to the many vices of online transactions and has been robbed of no less than Rs. 75000.

Read on to know the whole story!

Online Refund Transaction Gone Wrong

An FIR (first information report) has been filed against an unidentified cyber-fraudster with the Borivali police by the victim. As per the report, the woman ordered a saree on an online shopping portal, which cost Rs. 1,100. When her order arrived, she found out that the saree was a defective piece, on which she did what any normal person would do. She called the customer care number and talked to the representative for a refund, which is where everything went wrong.

The customer care representative, who was also a woman, and probably a fraud and asked the woman for her bank account number and the IFSC (Indian Financial System Code). The victim willingly gave up all the information asked and unknowingly fell prey to the scam. On March 25, she received notification messages from her bank which said that Rs. 75000 had been deducted from her bank account.

Debit Card Cloned?

The MO of the robbery is still unclear, but there is a huge possibility of the debit card being cloned by the fraudsters. With the information that they obtained from the victim, this seems the easiest method to steal money and without ringing any alarm bells.

Additionally, the complainant said, “The bank said my money was withdrawn from an ATM. That means the fraudsters cloned my debit card.”

There have been a lot of instances in the past where scamsters pose as customer care representatives and fool customers from sharing the credentials of their account. Also, skimming ATM cards is not a new form of robbery either

Previously, a woman googled up the number of a ‘customer care executive’ and naively shared all the details of her debit card and ended up losing a huge amount of 1 lakh.

E-Commerce Frauds

Online transactions, especially on e-commerce websites, have offered up a wide array of opportunities for scamsters to play their game on innocent and unsuspecting users.

One excellent example of this is when the actress Sonakshi Sinha ordered a pair of headphones and received stones in return. In fact, there are multiple other instances where people have been ordering products that cost quite a lot and get stones or soap bars in return.

While the concept of online transaction is being compromised, will the digital India movement be safe and successful?

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