Indian Employees Seek Flexibility More Than Money; 53% Ready For Pay Cut In Lieu Of Work From Home

Job Flexibility, Remote Work Policy are the Top Concerns while Searching For a Job

Indian employees seek flexibility, more than money
Indian employees seek flexibility, more than money

Online job portals are often the main source of revealing the constantly changing trends in jobs and job seekers. Indeed is one of the most popular trending online job portals in India and in its survey, it has been found that the majority of job seekers opt for jobs that offer job flexibility.

This, in turn, has led to employers offering their staff and new appointments the convenient option of working from remote places.

Statistics and Numbers

This survey was conducted by Indeed across various employers and employees of the industrial sectors in India. The purpose behind this survey was mainly to estimate the working sectors’ views on remote working options, in simpler terms, work flexibility.

According to the findings of the survey, 83% of the employees were of the opinion that job flexibility and the company’s remote work policy is of importance while searching for a job.

About half the employees (48%), remarked that they would quit their jobs if their employers removed the remote work policy currently in place. 73% of employees whose companies do not offer such policies wish for one to be existent, whereas 53% of employees would even agree to a pay cut if offered a remote work policy.  

76% of employees agree to consider other job opportunities where remote work policies are available, and 42% of employees admit to having searched for such jobs already. 56% of employees believe that workplace flexibility can boost productivity.

99% of the companies that participated in the survey have invested in technologies such as video conferencing tools, laptops, smartphones, Slack (searchable log of all conversation and knowledge), so that remote working is easier for employees. 47% of companies believe that investment in technology is unnecessary, however, 83% of companies believe that job flexibility improves productivity.

The Demand For Flexibility

Mr Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India, said, “Employees can channel their creativity more productively if allowed to work at their convenience.”

Technology has advanced so much that it does not matter where you work from; only that that the work is done, be it any time of the day or year. With the advancement of technology, there is a boost in globalization. The world has grown closer and there are opportunities for everyone springing up from any nook or corner of the sphere. Also, with extremely busy and hectic schedules, everyone wants to be closer to their families and the commute to work is not quite worth it!

Gone are the days when the jobs were limited to offices and workplaces. There are no geographical limitations anymore. The competition is so fierce that companies, clients and now, even employees demand work flexibility.

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