Mumbai, Hyderabad Cable TV Users Face Blackout; Cable Firms Seek Police Help In Controlling Situation!

In Mumbai, Cable Operators have written to police about this issue

Blackout of Cable users in Mumbai, Hyderabad
Blackout of Cable users in Mumbai, Hyderabad

In an interesting development, thousands of Cable TV users in Mumbai are knocking at the doors of their local cable operators, because they are facing a blackout of all channels.

This has happened due to the implementation of new Cable TV Rules, with effect from February 1st.

The situation was so tense this weekend, that the local cable operators had to seek police help to diffuse the situation.

Meanwhile, in Hyderabad too, Cable TV users are facing a harrowing time, as they are not able to access any Pay Channels.

Where is Best Fit Plan mandate, as ruled by TRAI for all Cable TV operators?

Mumbai: Police Assistance Needed For Controlling The Situation

Since last week, thousands of Cable TV users in and around Thane are facing blackout, as the local cable TV operators are not able to provide them transmission.

These angry users went to their local cable operators, and things turned nasty. The local cable operators are helpless, and the customers angry.

Such was the anger, and the local cable operators had to contact police help to diffuse the situation.

One such Cable TV susbcriber, Sandip Yadav said, “Despite paying the subscription fees in advance, TV channels have gone off air. The cable operator who said he needed my signatures on some forms for resumption of services has now gone incommunicado,”

The local cable operators in Thane has sent a letter to all six police stations under Mira Road and Bhayandar divisions of the Thane (rural) police, and have informed them that the blackout is happening due to Hathaway Digital, which is the multiservice operator (MSO) there.

MSO Still Waiting For Deadline?

In their defense, Hathaway Digital has said that ‘only’ pay channels are stopped, FTA are still running.

Rajeev Mehra from Hathaway said, “It is true that March 31 is the deadline, but the step is aimed at giving momentum to the selection process. Once the subscriber chooses the channels, the services are immediately restored. However, free-to-air channels have not been restricted,”

ameer Vichare, consultant – Subscriber Management System (SMS) and Central Access System (CAS), has said that the blackout happened as there was a confusion.

TRAI has already ordered all cable operators that in case a consumer has not chosen any new pack, then a ‘Best Fit Plan’ can be created by the operator, and the user should be proactively moved into the plan.

TRAI has repeatedly said that there should be no blackout of any channel during this transition.

Cable TV Users In Hyderabad Too Face Blackout

The same situation is in Hyderabad as well.

Pay channels have been stopped for cable TV users in several areas of the city, and the cable operators are still fumbling with the Best Fit Plan.

Extension of deadline to March 31st has complicated the issue it seems. Now, the consumers who are not able to watch their favorite pay channels are awaiting the next move by their local cable TV operators.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates.

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