Indian Railways’ Free WiFi On Shimla-Kalka Heritage Track Is A Ridiculous Plan: Find Out Why!

What use is the splendid landscape on the journey if we are all engrossed in our phones?

Free WiFi on Shimla-Kalka section is a bad decision
Free WiFi on Shimla-Kalka section is a bad decision

If you have ever been to Shimla, you will be familiar with the toy train that travels from Kalka to Shimla. Loved by young and old apart, this train has been added to the mountain railways of India World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Built under the British Raj between 1898 to 1903 under the supervision of Herbert Septimus Harington, this train is a 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge railway in North India. It travels from Kalka to Shimla, through a mostly mountainous road.

The railway is popular for the scenic views it offers travelers during the journey. Photographic views with mountains, trees, and the blue sky make the travelers wish that the journey would never end!

Now, in an apparent ‘dream come true’ movement, the Government has announced that these railways will be equipped with wifi and the travelers will be able to ‘enjoy a continuous and high-speed internet on this train.’

While everyone thinks the wifi is a great facility to be provided and the Government is being praised all over the nation, let us look at this from a different perspective:

Is The Wifi Necessary?

The original purpose of traveling through this train is to enjoy the scenic beauty it offers. The facility of wifi completely destroy the original purpose of the train? Wasnt the train meant to be a source of recreation in itself? What is this incessant need to be connected to the internet at all times? While clicking pictures of the lush greenery and clear blue sky is absolutely acceptable, is there really a need to be on the internet and ignore the beauty nature presents to humans, and at no cost at all?

Providing wifi on trains is definitely a good initiative on Government’s part but it is common sense on our part to not use it and rather enjoy the picturesque view on the way.

Wifi to Ruin The Serenity of Nature?

Science has proved that radiation from smartphones and the internet is known to hurt the surrounding flora and fauna, resulting in a slow path of destruction of nature. Electromagnetic radiation waves interrupt the orientation of insects, bugs and can also disrupt the metabolism of plants.

Put your thinking caps on and ponder over this: is it really necessary to be on the internet while being out for a leisure trip? And is it good sense to put nature’s well being at risk just for a few hours of network connectivity?

Let us instead decide to put our phone aside, enjoy nature’s tranquility and not use the internet on the train. If not us, who will save our precious sights?

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