Your Cable TV Plans Will Expire After January 31; D2h Begins Mass Migration Into New Cable Packs

TRAI has already refused to extend deadline for implementing new Cable TV rules.

D2h starts mass migration into new cable TV plans
D2h starts mass migration into new cable TV plans

Alert for all cable TV and DTH consumers in India: Your existing cable TV plans and DTH packs will auto-expire after January 31s, as TRAI’s new cable TV rules come into full force.

We have already informed that TRAI will not extend or postpone the deadline now, and January 31st is the final date for implementation.

Meanwhile, D2h, one of the leading DTH providers in India has started auto-migration of their customers into new packs and plans.

Alert: Your Cable Packs Will Expire After January 31st

Originally, the date of implementing new cable TV rules was December 29th. TRAI had informed all cable operators and broadcasters to switch to the new system by this date.

However, due to mass confusion and chaos all around, TRAI decided to postpone the implementation: First indefinitely, and then, a month’s time was announced.

Now, it has been confirmed that TRAI won’t extend the deadline of January 31st and this is the final date now. TRAI has already issued a press release regarding this, and have urged all consumers to choose their plans accordingly, before January 31st.

In case you are wondering what will happen if you are not updating your cable packs and plans before January 31st, then it will be auto-expired, and new plans will be selected by default.

In case you are confused, here is the full list of 230 FTA or Free to Air Channels which are available under different packs of DTH providers and cable operators.

In case you need pay channels, then don’t pay more than these MRP, for each channel.

And if HD is what you want, then Tata Sky has currently the best offers.

D2h Starts Migrating Under New Cable TV Packs

Videocon owned D2h DTH has become the first DTH operator to start the migration of existing users into the new cable TV packs, as mandated by TRAI.

As of now, the migration is informed – The users have chosen the packs which they need, and then based on that, the D2h is finalizing their plans.

However, after January 31st, this migration will be forced: Even if you don’t choose any pack, the DTH provider will forcefully select a default plan, and run it.

Interestingly, TRAI had ordered that by January 7th, every DTH and Cable Operator will have to migrate atleast 30% of the customers into the new DTH/Cable packs.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.


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