10 Smartphone Predictions For 2019 Every Smartphone User Should Know [Exclusive]

Youtube celebrity Arun Prabhudesai shares cutting edge smartphone predictions for 2019

2019 Smartphone predictions
2019 Smartphone predictions

Since the first smartphone was launched in 1992, it has definitely come a long way to reach the height it is at today. But what about the coming years? It’s a given that we will get to see some mindblowing changes in smartphone technology in 2019.

Here is a list of what we think will be incorporated into today’s smartphone to make it all the more better:


Notchless Phones

The notch and bezels on smartphones have already been reduced so much, but we still hope that smartphone manufacturers will do away with the notch too! We hope the upcoming smartphones will be notchless and bezel-free with maybe a punch hole for front cameras.

Also, taller displays seem like a good feature to have, like Sony’s phone which has a 21:9 aspect ratio.

Dual Display

This is a technology which has already gained a foothold in the market through Vivo Nex 2 and Nubia X phones which were launched in 2018. Let’s hope we see more of this dual display facility, it is definitely going to make gaming fun!

Multiple Cameras

After a single and dual camera, a smartphone is now set to debut with as much as five cameras on the rear panel, and this trend is here to grow, although it is not clear what so many cameras will capture: let’s just go with ‘time will tell.’

Quick Charger

From 20 W to 30 and then 40 W, this year has seen great advancement in fast charging, that enabled smartphones to charge up to 60% in a mere 10 15 minutes. With the speed with which developments are going on, maybe 2019 will see a fast-charging technology as far as 50 to 60 W.


While the largest RAM is about 8 GB, it is set to go up to 12 GB and the internal memory of a phone can go on up to 1 TB! Of course, it will come with a nice price tag, but what more can we ask for?

Stock Android

Smartphone companies look to leave their own marks on their smartphones by installing inbuilt apps, but a majority of companies are now planning to make their smartphones function on Android 1, which is stock android and loved by most of us. This will surely be a welcome change!

Rise of AI

Artificial Intelligence is already a popular feature and will now see a rise in 2019 and the future as well. A good AI means good security for your phones too – it has great security features, face unlock and others.

Powerful Processor

2018 saw some groundbreaking processors like Helio, Kirin and assuredly, in 2019, other processors will develop to be at par or even above Qualcomm and Apple too.


Let’s hope we get 5G soon in India as there will be a lot of smartphones that will support 5G now. They will be expensive obviously, but we can always pay a small price for such an amazing speed.

Foldable Smartphone

This is the topmost trend that was saved for last – yes, foldable smartphones are a thing now, Samsung, Apple, and LG are working on it already! We will surely see at least one foldable smartphone from each company in 2019.

What other features do you want in your smartphone in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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