PUBG Ban By ‘High Court of Maharashtra’ Is Fake; But This College Has Actually Banned PUBG!

Is anti-PUBG sentiments rising in India? Are youths becoming addicted to PUBG?

PUBG Banned in Maharashtra?
PUBG Banned By High Court Of Maharashtra?

A fake image has been doing the rounds on the internet that PUBG Mobile has been banned in India by the ‘High Court of Maharashtra’. PUBG is immensely popular in the country, and recently the game completed 200 million downloads.

With over 30 million daily active users, a huge portion of it is from India.

PUBG Mobile now runs smoothly on most of the devices including the low-end Android devices helping it to gain a huge share of the smartphone gaming market. PUBG Mobile dominates a major part of Asia and China with the US contributing 30 percent of the total revenue of PUBG.

PUBG Mobile Ban By ‘High Court of Maharashtra’

The news was confirmed by Gadgets 360 and it’s fake. The fake PUBG Mobile notice has been issued by “High Court of Maharashtra”. Well there’s no such judicial body or no such prejudge is existent in the Indian judicial system.

To sum up, the PUBG has not been banned in India.

The image has been repeatedly been shared on Facebook and Twitter, while on WhatsApp it has been viral via groups. Some suggest it to be a nod to the popularity of the game in the country.

Vellore Institute of Technology Banned PUBG

The High Court of Maharashtra news is fake, but the game actually has been banned at the VIT campus. Recently Tamil Nadu’s Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) banned PUBG from its hostel.

Vellore Institute of Technology banned PUBG and will not tolerate students playing the game, specially at Hostel.

The Chief Warden of Vellore Institute of Technology Men’s Hostel released a circular stating that playing PUBG will not be tolerated anymore in the Hostel. Some of the students have complained that they are being disturbed for not participating and PUBG is “spoiling the entire atmosphere of the hostel”.

To add, Vellore Institute of Technology Men’s Hostel circular suggests students to focus more on physical activities and sports and “give more importance to their career growth”.

Well, with the youngsters getting addicted to the game like nothing, we may see more of such bans in other educational institutions.

Also: 30,000 Radar Hack Cheaters & Prominent Professional PUBG Players Banned

Over 30,000 accounts logged into PUBG have been banned for using the radar hack cheat. The ban also has several professional PUBG players. The move from the parent company Tencent is an impact on the reputation of PUBG being an e-sport and not a mobile game.

The radar hack allows you to see the positions of all other players on the map. This offers you with an added advantage to win it.

Players using the radar hack has been banned with immediate effect, as it revealed all other players on the map, giving PUBG cheats an easy way to win the match. The radar hack was finally cracked down after months. The hack is hard to catch as radar hacks send data from the server to an external device via a VPN where they see positions via a second monitor or even a smartphone.

The hack has been fixed with an anti-cheat measure implemented with the latest Vikendi snow map update.

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