Get 5 Litres Of Free Petrol Via BHIM SBI App; Internet Banking Can Be Blocked For Some SBI Customers

SBI wants to promote BHIM usage, and want greater security for their Internet banking users.

This is how SBI users can get free petrol
This is how SBI users can get free petrol

Two major news has come up, related with SBI customers all over India.

In a new scheme, SBI is offering 5 litres of free petrol, only for BHIM SBI users. Meanwhile, some Internet banking users of SBI can face blockage of services, in case they fail to do this one thing.

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How To Get Free 5 Litres of Petrol?

In order to create awareness about SBI’s BHIM App, a new offer has been rolled out for all SBI users.

All they need to do is, pay via BHIM SBI Pay app for petrol, and avail free 5 litres of petrol.

This what you need to do:

  • Visit Indian Oil outlet, and buy petrol
  • Pay the amount via BHIM SBI Pay app
  • Send this SMS to 9222222084: <UPI Reference No. (12-Digit)> <DDMM>. DDMM is the actual date of card payment transaction.
  • If you have done these steps properly, then SBI’s backend team will contact you, and give you details on how to avail free 5 litres of petrol.

A minimum of Rs 100 needs to be spent, and maximum Rs 400 can be availed via this offer. All Indians who are 18 or above as on April 1st, 2018 are eligible for this offer.

Only petrol bought at Indian Oil Corp. and Assam Oil Division is eligible for this offer.

For more details and rules please refer here.

SBI Net Banking Will Be Blocked

If you are SBI customer, and if you haven’t linked your mobile number with your bank account before November 30th, then your SBI net banking can be blocked.

This information has been shared by SBI on their official website.

Note here, that SBI allowed usage of Internet banking without linking phone number till now, which has now been stopped. Only Internet banking privileges will be blocked after November 30th, if a phone is not linked – Normal banking operations will not be hampered.

Besides, SBI is also asking all debit card users to immediately replace their old magstripe debit cards with the new chip-based debit card for more protection and security.

SBI Tweeted: “Do not take a chance; get enhanced security for your debit card by applying for the SBI EMV Chip Debit Card without any fee at your branch or through OnlineSBI.”

Last year, Govt. had admitted that more than 29 lakh debit cards are malware infected.

If you are a SBI customer, then rush to your nearest branch, link your account with phone number, and replace the debit card without any fees.

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