Anti-Pollution Drive: Get 1 Maggi Free By Returning 10 Empty Packets; Ikea Will Stop Air Pollution!

These are small steps, but very important one indeed. Kudos to Maggi and Ikea.

War against pollution unleashed
War against pollution unleashed

The rampant growth of consumerism across India has created thousands of jobs and helped our economy to grow.

But at the same time, the after-effects too have been felt, and the biggest victim is our environment.

It is heartening to see that big brands are now realizing this fact, and now, they are doing their bit in controlling pollution and helping our environment.

Two very interesting developments have happened in this regard: Nestle and Ikea are the brands which have unleashed a war against pollution in India.

Return 10 Empty Packets, Get 1 Maggi Free

As per a study by Gati Foundation and Uttarakhand Environment Protection & Pollution Control Board, it was found that Nestle’s Maggi, along with PepsiCo’s Lay’s chips and Parle’s Frooti were the three biggest brands whose products were causing maximum plastic pollution in the state.

Realizing this, Nestle has launched a unique program, which aims to control this plastic pollution, and the process is pretty simple: You return 10 empty packets of Maggi, and in return get 1 Maggi free.

A spokesperson from Nestle said, “We are hopeful that this will bring about a behaviour change in consumers and help create awareness for responsibly disposing plastic waste and prevent littering,”

Nestle has already roped in 250+ retailers across the state to make this campaign a massive success. On a pilot basis, this campaign has been launched only in Uttrakhand as of now.

Indian Pollution Control Association will handle all the returned empty packets.

Ikea Will Stop Stubble Burning

Straw stubble is the remains after wheat and other grains are harvested. Punjab, which is the largest producer of wheat in India (2 million tonnes a year) is facing this big problem of stubble burning, every year during the winters.

Due to this stubble burning, pollution is Delhi increases by 20-30% every year, and the National Capital becomes a gas chamber.

Farmers are also helpless because if they don’t burn the stubble, how will they grow their crops? Due to the lack of support from Govt. the issue of stubble burning is impacting the pollution of Punjab and Delhi and nearby areas.

Ikea, the Swedish furniture major which has recently opened their 1st outlet in Hyderabad wants to handle this situation. As per reports coming in, Ikea has decided to buy this stubble from farmers, and convert them into houseware, decorative paper boxes and more.

By next year, they will start selling such items produced by stubble as well.

In fact, Ikea has pledged to use only renewable and recycled products by 2030, all over the world.

This is indeed a very noble, and innovative decision to control pollution in India.

Although small steps to begin with, but every brand and business start one such campaign, then soon India will be pollution free.

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