Want To Sell Your Old Mobile? This Website Can Help You Right Now!

Cashify wants to solve the problem of selling old mobiles in India.

selling old mobiles becomes easier
selling old mobiles becomes easier

Who doesn’t love unboxing new smartphones, and feel the excitement of holding a shiny new mobile? But how often have you killed this temptation, only because you have an old smartphone with you?

The very thought about the inconvenience of selling your old mobile and the hassle of getting money from that sale is a huge letdown, and resists several tech enthusiasts from trying out newer, better smartphones.

Cashify is a startup which is determined to solve this major problem of selling old mobiles and even laptops. They want you to sell your gadgets right now, and they are promising that the whole process will be over in 60 seconds.

How cool is that?

Cashify: Sell Your Old Mobile In 60 Seconds

Cashify has created an innovative algorithm and designed a process which makes the whole process of listing and selling your old mobile phones, laptops, gaming console, TVs a seamless, simple process.

Select your gadget which you want to sell, point out the issues which it has, and get the price which you can get for that, instantly.

Sell your old mobile on Cashify
Sell your old mobile on Cashify

Cashify even arranges the pick-up of your gadget, and let you choose the payment method.

And you are done. Rest everything will be handled by Cashify, and you will get your cash right into your hand, if you wish so. (money can also be transferred to bank account, wallets)

What Problem Is Cashify Trying To Solve?

Last year, total of 12.4 crore mobiles were sold in India, and the analysts are expecting 20% annual growth in 2018. Around 3.3 crore smartphones were shipped during Q2 of 2018, and the industry is expecting a bumper sale of new smartphones this year as well.

We have already seen how Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm and others are luring customers with new smartphones, and attractive rates.

But where does this lead older smartphones to?

There is a huge market gap between old and new mobiles in India, and mobile users end up selling their old mobiles in the grey market, which is largely unorganized, and without any protocols or system. In case of using online classifieds, the seller will need to meet multiple buyers across different locations, haggle over the price, and face huge inconvenience to get their money. Infact, there is no price guarantee as well.

Instantly get quote for your old mobile
Instantly get a quote for your old mobile

Here comes Cashify with their new business model, which focusses solely on selling the old smartphone.

It solves the biggest worry for the seller: Getting cash. You can choose the instant cash payment method, and as soon as the old mobile is handed over to the representative, you get your cash in your hand.

This single aspect has eliminated doubts, and apprehensions regarding the service and customers are loving it.

How Do We Trust Cashify?

Cashify is slowly, but gradually inducing a revolution in this niche, and numbers speak for themselves.

As of now, more than 10,24,000 gadgets have been sold by 9,22,000 customers, who have received 692 crores as cash for their old gadgets. (as shared on their website)

Brands like OnePlus, HP, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Vivo, Vijay Sales, Paytm, Croma, Vivo and more are partners with Cashify, to enable them to offer the best price for the old gadgets.

Cashify’s focus on customer satisfaction has received green signal from investors as well, as the startup has received recognition from the VC world. Earlier this year, Cashify successfully raised $12 million from global investors as part of Series C funding.

As of now, Cashify has raised $19 million in VC funding.

They have recently launched a dedicated portal for mobile screen repair, and it has received a great response. Overall, Cashify has made their mark in the smartphone industry, and this is just the start.

How Will The Price Of Old Mobile Determined?

The price mentioned by Cashify will depend on several factors, which are mainly categorized under Hardware, Software, Screen, Buttons and Misc headings.

The hardware tests will include factors such as WiFi connectivity, battery life, camera’s performance, charging port, speaker etc. Software tests will include calling check, device root status, device age, Accelerometer etc.

Besides, some additional tests such as the spin test for iPhones are also conducted (to check whether the phone is bent or not).

Based on your inputs shared in their website/app, and the physical examination conducted by Cashify’s representatives, the price would be determined and finalized.

Cashify has listed the tests which would be done on the mobile before the sale, and answers to other common questions in their FAQ section.

What Happens To The Old Mobile?

The old mobile which is sold to Cashify is refurbished and repaired. A massive offline network has been built by Cashify, where the old mobile is sold for a fair price.

Hence, the mobile which you have sold on Cashify can appear anywhere in India.

At the time of writing, global upgrade cycle of smartphones (period after which an average mobile user will change his/her mobile) has reduced to 12 months from 20 months a year earlier.

This means that more and more mobile consumers are replacing their old mobile for a new one, and startups like Cashify in India are present to assist them, right now.

Will you use Cashify to sell your old mobile? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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