Driving License Becomes Uniform Across India: 5 Facts Every Driver Should Know!

Driving License and RC will be now same for every state, and powered with NFC.

Driving license will be uniform across India
Driving license will be uniform across India

This is most probably the biggest, most influential change which an Indian driving license has seen, ever.

Both Driving License and Registration Certificate format, and structure is changing, effective July 2019.

Here are these 5 major changes, which every driver in India should be aware of:

Driving Licence, RC Becomes Uniform

Since Independence, when Driving Licenses and Registration Certificates of vehicles started its journey, every state had its own design, format and documentation process.

But not anymore.

Effective July 2019, every Driving License and RC issued anywhere in India will be uniform – this means that they will have the same design, same specifications, same data and security features.

Driving License, RC Will have QR Codes

Besides, the new Driving Licenses and RCs will have a QR code embedded. This way, in case any traffic cop wants to check the details, all he/she will be required to do is scan the QR code.

Driving License, RC Will Have NFC

Not only QR Codes, but the new DLs and RCs will have a NFC mechanism, by means of a new micro-chip installed in the documents. This will be another way to check the details of the person, as the traffic cop can simply hover a hand-held device, and extract all details.

This will reduce corruption, and save time for both the driver, and the traffic cop.

Mention Of Organ Donation, Handicap Friendly

Another interesting update: From now on, every driving license and RC will have a section wherein it will be mentioned whether the driver has agreed to donate organs or not. In case of any mishap, and accident, this will help the medical personals to take quick action, and save the organ so that it can be used for someone else.

A brilliant step indeed.

Besides, the DL will also mention whether the person is driving a special vehicle for handicaps or not.

Gradual Implementation

The implementation will be in a gradual manner.

Effective July, 2019, every State in India will only issue the newly designed and conceptualized driving license and registration certificates.

Starting January 2019, all re-registrations of existing Driving Licences and RCs will be under the new form.

Around 32,000 new DLs are issued every day in India or re-registered. And almost 45000 RCs are issued every day. States will be required to spend Rs 15-20 on each DL and RC for implementing the new features.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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