After Smartphones, OnePlus Now Wants You To Taste Its Coffee!

OnePlus is inviting all fans for a cup of coffee. Samsung has launched its largest experience centre!

OnePlus' Coffee Treat for all fans!
OnePlus’ Coffee Treat for all fans!

OnePlus never fails to surprise its customers, and now the company is planning to take things to further. OnePlus wants to make sure that your smartphone problems are solved within an hour and it can offer the best after-sales support.

OnePlus users will now get premium after-sales support with its add-on services which includes an all new “Coffee Experience”.

The company said that it plans to enhance the overall customer experience while guaranteeing that customers have a solution to all their smartphone problems within an hour while you sip on some awesome OnePlus coffee and enjoy some good music.

OnePlus Coffee Experience

Apart from offering a quick solution to your smartphone problems, the company wants to make sure that you have a good time. While you will be waiting for your problem to be fixed, OnePlus users will be served some coffee picked up by the OnePlus experts.

CoffeeBox from OnePlus
CoffeeBox from OnePlus

You can also read a book, listen to music, access high-speed internet or play a game in the OnePlus Recreation room.

You can have a “OnePlus Coffee Experience” at any of the OnePlus offline stores and service centers across India. The OnePlus coffee is said to be specifically sourced from some of the best estates of the south.

OnePlus Coffee: Medium Roast With A Perfectly Balanced Flavour!

The OnePlus coffee has got the perfect flavor with the right blends. The cherries have been roasted in specialized roasteries and has been tested by professionals to segment different flavor profiles.

OnePlus coffee has got the perfect blend where it was picked up after 800 test rounds. The final blend has a medium roast taste which has a perfectly balanced flavor.

According to OnePlus India, the OnePlus coffee has been blended perfectly to offer a refreshing aroma and has been specifically developed to stimulate one’s senses.

The OnePlus Coffee Experience box we received had a special OnePlus coffee mug, some filters, a handbook, filtering cup, couple of samples and a bag full of coffee.

Samsung Unveils World’s Largest Mobile Experience Center in India

South Korean tech giant Samsung has unveiled the world’s largest mobile experience center in India at Bengaluru. Called Samsung Opera House, its the largest of all its experience centers available around the globe. The center will showcase the company’s different products like mobiles, tablets, QLED TVs, Smart TVs, refrigerators, wearables and more.

At the Samsung Opera House, you can also experience Virtual Reality (VR) which has installed 4D Sway Chairs offering 360 degrees three-dimensional movements along with VR experience.

The best part about this center is that you can pre-book seats at the Samsung experience center to watch movies at the Samsung Opera House free of cost.

Samsung has one of the largest retail networks covering over 180,000 points across India, and its plans to cover 2 lac outlets soon.

The new Samsung Opera House at Bengaluru is spread across 33,000 sq feet, and the company is planning to open ten more such experience stores in different metro cities in India.

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