Stolen PAN Card Details Of This Man Led To Rs 20 Crore Fraud Transactions!

The man was made 'Director' of 13 companies, and he didn't even know.

Pan Card fraud unearthed in Delhi
Pan Card fraud unearthed in Delhi

This is one horror story which no Pan Card holder would want to experience.

Pan Card details of a middle class employee earning Rs 25,000 per month was stolen. And then what happened next will shock you: Rs 20 crore worth of fraud and illegal transactions took place, of which the man had no idea.

Be aware, because this can happen with anyone!

Pan Card Details Stolen; Rs 20 Crore Transactions Unearthed!

Anuj Kumar Srivastav is a 27-year-old sales executive working in a pharma company, and staying in Laxmi Nagar area of East Delhi.

Everything was going on fine until the day he received a notice from Income Tax Dept., claiming that some heavy transaction was recorded under his Pan Card.

And they were not able to trace that transaction.

Initially, he thought that IT Dept contacted him by mistake, because a few weeks back, he had applied for a loan of Rs 5 lakh, which was rejected.

But things become serious when he received three notices from IT Dept.

Director Of 13 Companies!

Anuj drives a Wagon R, and leads a humble life.

But when he started doing some investigation of his own Pan Card, with the help of a CA, he was shocked.

He found that he was a director of 13 companies, and a transaction of Rs 61.37 lakh was remitted from Maxkart Impex company to Dynamic Telecom Trading Ltd situated at Bright Way Tower in Mong Kok Road.

When an official from IT Dept. called him, and told that the transaction was carried forward from a national bank’s branch in JanakPuri, then things become clear.

His Pan Card details were stolen, and unauthorized, fraud transactions were done using his name and Pan card number.

Anuj said, “The payment was made allegedly in lieu of import of software where I was made as a proprietor of Maxkart Impex company..”

Complaint Filed

Later, he went to the bank with his CA, and showed them the voter id, Pan card and his original signature. Except his signature, everything was matching.

When it was confirmed that fraud has taken place, he immediately filed a complaint with Delhi Police and Enforcement Directorate.

But still, no action was taken. Eventually, on July 31st, Delhi court ordered the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police to act against the complaint.

Overall, more than Rs 20 crore worth of transactions were executed using his name, and Pan Card via 13 companies where is the ‘Director’.

Now, all Anuj hopes is that the heavy income tax levied upon him is cleared, and banks allocate him the loan of Rs 5 lakh which he wanted in the first place.

Stay alert, and stay vigil about your Pan Card, because this fraud can happen with anyone.

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