Amazon Prime Music Launched In India; Reliance Big TV’s Big Offer!

Amazon's Prime Music service is Alexa-enabled. So, you can control music through voice commands.


Amazon Prime Music Launched In India

With data being so cheap as to be almost free, more and more people are streaming online content. Music, movies and even live TV. While there are plenty of streaming music services available in India, Amazon has finally launched their Prime Music service in India. It is a part of Amazon’s Prime services bundle, which means that anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription can access the service.

Meanwhile, Reliance Big TV is offering “Free Acces” to channels to new subscribers. But it is not all so straightforward. Read on to find out whether it really is a free access.

Amazon Prime Music Launched In India

Amazon finally launched their Prime Music service in India. It joins the Amazon Prime Delivery and Prime Video Services. Prime Music is going to be a part of Amazon’s bundled Prime services. So if you already have a Prime subscription, you’ll be able to start streaming music immediately. All you have to do is download the Amazon Prime Music app from the Google Play store or Apple’s App Store and log in with your Amazon Account.

The Prime Music service is Alexa-enabled. So, you can control music through voice commands. The Prime Music service is also accessible on desktops, Fire TV sticks and Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers. In India, Amazon’s music service enters a market which is already crowded with established players like Apple Music, Wynk Music and Google Play Music.

But the best part of Amazon’s service is the price. At Rs 999/- per year, Amazon’s service includes Prime Delivery, Prime Videos and Prime Music. This is unbeatable value and as of now, nobody is offering their services for such low prices.

Reliance Big TV’s Big Offer

Reliance Big TV has launched a new plan which offers “free access” to it subscribers for a period of five years. But there’s a catch. Big TV will let its subscribers access over 500 free-to-air (FTA) channels for five years. Users can access paid channels for free for one year, after which they will have to pay regular prices. Reliance has announced this plan under Government of India’s Digital India initiative.

Reliance Big TV offers features like scheduled recording, simultaneous viewing and recording, access to YouTube and extra USB ports with their latest HD HEVC set-top box. The pre-bookings of this plan will begin on March 1, at 10:00 am on their official website. While this is a free offer, there are some upfront payments involved. This is how it will work.

  • Users will have to pay Rs 499/- at the time of pre-booking their connection with this offer.
  • When they receive the set-top box and the outer unit, they will have to pay an additional Rs 1,500/-.
  • After the 1 year is up, the subscribers will have to recharge their connection with at least Rs 300/- per month, for the next two years.
  • After successfully completing continuous recharges for two years, the subscribers will get a refund of Rs 2000/- which they had paid upfront.
  • But there’s a catch here too. The subscribers will get their refund in the form of account recharge value.

While the offer appears to be free, subscribers have a minimum wait of three years before they can get their money back. It is up to you to decide whether the offer is worth the money.


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