Blackberry Jarvis Will Keep Self-Driving Cars Safe From Vulnerabilities!

The new cybersecurity software system, Blackberry Jarvis will scan all the software files of self-driving cars and catch the vulnerabilities at the development stage itself.


Blackberry Jarvis To Protect Self-Driven Cars

The yesteryear star mobile manufacturer and software maker BlackBerry has launched a cybersecurity software system which will which help to identify the vulnerabilities in the programs used in the self-driving cars.

The product has been named Blackberry Jarvis. The product will also come with healthcare and industrial automation.

How Will Blackberry Jarvis Work?

Once initiated, Jarvis will work online. The automakers will have access to Jarvis online which will enable them to scan files at every stage of the software development.

Jarvis aims to provide a support for the automakers with some safety backups and have been designed with incredibly nuanced units which will help the autonomous driving requirements. With the complexity of automated driving cars, several vulnerabilities have come up too.

The Jarvis software will help to protect such cars and will hold the carmakers’ hands through the entire online system.

Ransomware Attacks Raised Safety Concerns

The recent increase in global ‘ransomware’ attacks has raised the concerns regarding the security of self-driving cars. The WannaCry attack raised awareness of BlackBerry’s security software business, which presently focuses on managing secure connections on mobile devices.

BlackBerry has claimed that Jarvis will go through each line of code and will have a higher level of accuracy that would be impossible for humans to replicate.

BlackBerry has already tested Jarvis with automaker Tata Motors’ Jaguar Land Rover unit and it has worked well so far. It has reduced the time needed to assess and verify the code from thirty days to only seven minutes!

Back in September Blackberry had announced that they are working on such a system. They have recently partnered with auto supplier Delphi Automotive Plc on a software operating system for their self-driving cars.

OEM Selling Technique

The software will be sold on a pay-as-you-go basis and will be made available for an OEM’s entire software platform. It will also allow manufacturers to have immediate results which are based on the program’s evaluation of the software.

The biggest benefit from an OEM standpoint will be that, it will ensure that the software sticks to the rigid industry standards of the automated driving industry, like the MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) and CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) C Standard for safety, reliability and security.

The connected and the autonomous vehicles have some of the most complex software ever developed until now, which creates a significant challenge for the automakers to ensure that the lines of code comply with the industry and manufacturer-specific standards.

The new system, Jarvis, will ensure safety and will simultaneously battle to keep the large and tempting attack surface free from vulnerabilities.

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