Jio Triggers Massive Data Consumption; Becomes #1 Carrier For Data Traffic Globally!

Jio has proved to be massive disruption in the Indian telecom space.


Jio Triggers Massive Data Consumption

Jio’s impressive entry into the Indian telecom space is continuing to make headlines, even after 1 year of its launch. As per a recent report, Jio has triggered massive mobile data consumption, and within 6 months, it had become #1 mobile operator in terms of supporting data traffic.

Now, it would be interesting to observe how Jio carries forward its success, and make further inroads into the telecom industry.

Will Jio’s hardware disruption be the next big news?

Jio Users Break All Records Of Data Consumption

As per a recent report by Strategy Analytics, titled ‘Wireless Operator Performance Benchmarking’, Jio along with China’s Omnicom has accounted for nearly 50% of all mobile data consumed, globally.

In the third quarter of 2017, globally, mobile data consumption increased by 115%, and it seems that Jio was the primary catalyst for this growth.

In fact, the report states that within 6 months of their launch, Jio had become the single largest carrier of mobile traffic, globally.

This is a feat which has never been experienced before.

For 3rd quarter, Reliance Jio, China’s Omnicom and Vodafone were the three biggest telecom operators whose users consumed maximum mobile data.

Phill Kendall, who is the author of the report, and director Service Provider Group which created this report said that zero-rated pricing in Europe by Vodafone has proven to be a game changer.

It is still debatable though, whether such plans violate net neutrality or not.

India: Riding on Mobile Data Wave

Last month,  NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant had said that globally, India consumes the maximum amount of mobile data as 150 crore gigabytes of mobile data consumed in India per month.

He had tweeted:

“Amazing! With 150 crore gigabytes per month of mobile data consumption, India is now world’s number one mobile data-consuming country. Its mobile data consumption is higher than that of the USA and China put together,”

In March this year, BSNL users in Kerala broke all records, when they consumed 400 TB of mobile data in one day.

The data from Jio users’ mobile data consumption, along with BSNL’s success clearly proves that mobile data consumption is at an all-time high in India, and we are literally witnessing a mobile revolution.

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