Welcome The New Year In Style With These 5 Fresh Ideas!

While we agree that everybody has their own idea of fun, we are giving you 5 fresh ideas to welcome the New Year like you have never before!


Fresh Ideas To Welcome New Year

2018 Is almost upon us. It is that time of the year when we make party-fueled New Year Resolutions, only to break them the very next day. Most of us have a set routine for welcoming the new year. But, even the most dedicated ones among us need a break from every day and the regular.

While we agree that everybody has their own idea of fun, we are giving you 5 fresh ideas to welcome the New Year like you have never before! So, sit tight and get those planners out.

Here we go!


5 Fresh Ideas To Welcome The New Year

Fly To An Exotic Destination

New Year is the time to make new memories. What better place to do it than to visit a place you have never visited before? Make an adventure out of your new year celebrations by flying to a new destination with your family or friends!  Since this would be a last-minute plan, it’s best to choose a destination within India such as Andaman & Nicobar, or nearby countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand and Singapore. No doubt right now is the best time of the year to enjoy a beach holiday in and around India, and nothing is more refreshing than welcoming the new year with the sound of waves and twinkling lights hanging from coconut trees and beach shacks, not to forget beach parties if that’s your thing! Fly to these destinations with Jet Airways or any other JetPrivilege airline partners where you earn JPMiles which you then redeem for free Award Flights! If you don’t have enough JPMiles to redeem, then you can continue to earn more JPMiles on each airline partner too! Either way, it’s a win-win!

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Take A Road Trip

If adventure runs through your veins, then you cannot deny that road tripping is one of the most fun things to do! Grab a tent, rent a car and drive down to a magical destination to welcome the new year in a completely new place, maybe even amidst nature and under the stars! Winter season is the only time most of India has a cool and pleasant climate, the perfect one for a beautiful road trip! You can take a leisurely drive to Thar desert in Rajasthan or enjoy the Nilgiris down South of the country! JetPrivilege has allied with many premium car rental partners, who can make this road trip happen for you.

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Relive Your Childhood At A Theme Park

Theme parks are fun places that bring out the child even in the most jaded of us. Take a late-night roller coaster ride and announce the new year with some screaming of your own. Imagica is one of the best theme parks in India. Spread over a large area, it has something special for everybody. It even has special new year parties to welcome the new year in style. This year too they have something exciting planned that includes really good food and a variety of cuisines, unlimited drinks, live performances, Bollywood DJs and dancers, and a night parade. The cherry on the top is that you can stay over in tents at the Sahyadaris!  With your NYE package, you will also get a free Snow Park ticket. Also, you earn JPMiles with every entry ticket to Imagica, so this will be a rewarding experience in more ways than one.

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Plan A Shopping Trip

New Year and shopping make an awesome combination! Many shops around the world remain open throughout the night on New Year’s Eve just so you can enjoy some retail therapy while ringing in the new year. It’s no secret for any shopping lover that New Year is not only the season of celebration but also sales and deals! If you are the kind who doesn’t enjoy shopping in crowded stores, and online shopping is your favourite hobby, then shop away here without feeling guilty because you are only getting closer to your free flight thanks to all the JPMiles you will be earning. If you are on holiday and IGI Airport is your pitstop, then Delhi Duty-Free is a great option too, and you can earn JPMiles there as well by quoting your JetPrivilege membership number at the counter.

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Have A Theme Party

Parties are fun anyway, so why not go the extra mile and make them more fun with a theme? Bring in the new year with an Egyptian theme, or if you are adventurous enough, with a jungle theme. You are only limited by your imagination. As far as the venue is concerned, the world is your oyster. No matter where you are, book your hotel from hotels.jetprivilege.com because they have a wide spread of locations to choose from. Yes, here too you must use your Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-brand card to accelerate your JPMiles earnings.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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