Scientists Declare Clicking Selfies A Mental Disorder; UP CM Will Slap Penalty On Selfies!

A recent study, in which Indian scientists also took part, has found that clicking selfies is a mental disorder!


Clicking Selfies A Mental Disorder

Selfies, the harmless, humble way to click your own picture via mobile is not so harmless or humble anymore.

A recent study, in which Indian scientists also took part, has found that clicking selfies is a mental disorder, and has even categorized three different levels of this disorder!

Besides, in a related news, UP CM Aditya Yoginath has announced strict penalty over selfies clicked near his home. His political opponents have slammed this draconian decision.

Are selfies in danger in 2018?

Scientists: Selfies Are Mental Disorder!

In 2014, some rumored study by American Psychiatric Association found that clicking selfies is a mental disorder.

In order to verify this claim, researchers from Nottingham Trent University in the UK and the Thiagarajar School of Management (TSM) in Tamil Nadu started a unique study to determine whether selfies are actually a mental disorder or not.

For the study, they chose India as maximum number social media users are from India, and India has reported maximum deaths from selfies in 2016 as well.

The study found that clicking selfies is indeed a mental disorder, which has three stages of severity. The findings have been published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.

The researchers have developed ‘Selfitis Behaviour Scale’, which can gauge the severity of this ‘mental disorder’:

Stage 1: Borderline

In this, the concerned ‘patient’ takes atleast three selfies a day, but doesnt post in on the social media profiles.

Stage 2: Acute Selfitis

In this stage, the ‘patient’ will click atleast three selfies a day, and post them on same or different social networks.

Stage 3: Chronic Selfitis

In this extreme stage, the person will have ‘uncontrollable urge’ to click selfies round the clock and post atleast 6 of them on various social networks.

The researchers also found 6 major motivational factors for this ‘mental disorder’:

  • Increase their self-confidence
  • Seek attention
  • Improve their mood
  • Connect with the environment around them (to create a record of memories)
  • Increase their conformity with the social group around them
  • Being socially competitive

However, there have been counter-researches as well, claiming that selfies are not a mental disorder.

We will keep this question open, and allow you to decide whether clicking selfies can be termed as a mental disorder or not. But yes, excess of anything, be it selfies or food, movies or alcohol can be injurious to health.

UP CM: Penalty on Clicking Selfies

Meanwhile newly elected UP CM Yogi Adityanath has declared severe penalty on anyone found clicking selfies near his residence in Lucknow.

In a notice put up near his residence at 5, Kalidas Marg in Lucknow, the CM has declared selfies as a ‘severe crime’, and announced penalty and/or 1-year of jail for clicking selfies around the area.

Experts are stating that this may have been done due to security risks involved in that highly sensitive area.

Will selfies survive in 2018?

Do let us know your thoughts on selfies, by commenting right here!

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  1. sandeep kumar says

    so sad to say that,There are more count of deaths while taking selfies in India.People getting more crazy about taking selfies day by day without understanding the position of that place.One video is getting viral in whatsapp that one guy has fallen from hill while taking selfie from the top of the hill.

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