Aadhaar Scamsters Loot Rs 2.4 Lakh In Mumbai; Amazon Forcing Users To Give Aadhaar Details

Despite repeated warnings and awareness campaign by Govt., scamsters are using Aadhaar factor to loot lakhs from gullible citizens.


Aadhaar Scamsters Strike Again

Despite repeated warnings and awareness campaign by Government, Aadhaar scamsters are looting lakhs from gullible citizens.

Whose failure is this?

Meanwhile, reports are emerging that Amazon India is now forcing users to submit their Aadhaar details for some specific activities.

What is happening here?

Aadhaar Scamsters Strike Again: Rs 2.4 Lakh Looted in Mumbai

The modus operandi here is the same, which we had shared earlier as well: Scamsters call claiming to be representatives of banks, and demand Aadhaar number and debit card details.

The gullible, non-tech savvy users fall in the trap, and the money is siphoned off from their bank accounts.

This time, the incident happened in Dombivali area of Mumbai, where atleast 8 people have been duped of Rs 2.4 lakh, using the same modus operandi.

Senior inspector of Dombivali police station, Vijaysingh Pawar explained the incident, wherein a person named Satyanarayan Kulkarni lost Rs 33,000.

The inspector said,

“She (scamster) told him (59 year old businessman) to give details of his Aadhaar card and debit card so that she could activate his debit card. As the caller had some details of the account, Kulkarni provided his debit card details that were used to carry out the fraudulent transactions,”

Note here, that Aadhaar was used an excuse here, not the main reason of the fraud. The money was siphoned off using the OTP and the debit card details, but the main cause was Aadhaar related panic is sweeping across the nation.

Overall, 8 persons were duped of Rs 2.4 lakh in the same locality, and police hasn’t been able to crack the case till date.

Yesterday, we had warned about such similar Aadhaar scam for LIC customers.

Amazon Forcing Users To Provide Aadhaar Details?

In a bizarre case, it has been found that Amazon India representatives are indirectly forcing users to submit their Aadhaar details.

This is totally unwarranted, and unnecessary, and the matter should be investigated.

In case an Amazon user has lost the package, and places a request to track it, Amazon representatives are asking them to submit their Aadhaar data, in order to track it.

In case the user refuses, then they reply that it “might result in a delay in the resolution or no resolution”

This means that indirectly, Amazon is forcing the users to share their Aadhaar number.

Shraddha Kosaria, who is an Amazon customer in Kolkata, shared her experience:

“[Being asked for my Aadhaar] was like being blackmailed to link [it] with my Amazon account if I wanted to get the products I had already paid for. It was absurd and frustrating.”

Amazon India has defended this, by stating that an ID is required to identify genuine persons. An official said,

“There are people who may not have any other form of ID besides Aadhaar. And we really need to establish the identity of an individual when they claim missing packages.”

In the past few days, such similar incidents have been reported by customers of AIrBnB, Uber and Ola as well.

Have you ever experienced such incidences where private companies are asking you to share Aadhaar number? Do share your story, right here!

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