Hyundai’s ‘Auto Link’ App Will Show Your Driving Statistics, Vehicle Health & More!

Hyundai has launched the Auto Link app in India alongside the newest Next Gen Verna.


Hyundai Auto Link App

Hyundai has launched their Auto Link smartphone app, that will help owners to connect with their car in more ways than before.

The app was first launched in New Zealand alongside the Hyundai Kona small SUV. The app from the Korean carmaker is the first of it’s kind in the world, where a smartphone app will grant drivers access to their vehicle’s health and statistics in real time.


Hyundai Auto Link – Features

With the all new Next Gen Verna, Hyundai has launched the Auto Link app in India, supporting the Digital India initiative. Available on both iOS and Android, and the app is only compatible with the new Verna for now. However, Hyundai has promised that the app will soon support other car models as well.

Smart Control

Hyundai cars will now connect with their owners’ smartphones. The owners can access maps, driving statistics and get roadside assistance as well as parking assistance through the app. The app will also keep track of the vehicle’s health to catch potential trouble.

Vehicle Diagnostics & Efficiency

The app will act as a computer for the car with the owner’s smartphone. It will provide essential data regarding vehicle diagnostics which includes tyre pressure as well as monitoring the vehicle ‘health check’ status. Auto Link will help owners to fine-tune their driving habits for safety and better fuel efficiency.

Roadside Assistance

The owner can schedule a servicing or request for roadside assistance in case of a breakdown. The app will inform the owner when service is due and will provide an easy-to-use booking service from within the app itself.

Parking Management

The Parking Management in Auto Link will provide owners with a real-time parking timer with a reminder and will also help to locate the car in big parking spaces.

Auto Link is available on both iOS and Android.

The Hyundai Auto Link app is going to offer features like providing real time performance data based on the analysis of the owner’s driving habits. The app will send timely notifications for car maintenance and also maintain your driving history.

The app will provide roadside assistance with a built-in navigation system, powered by MapMyIndia.

The App In Detail

When you open the Auto Link app, you will get four tabs

  1. Dealer Network
  2. Hyundai’s Mini Website
  3. Notification Centre
  4. In-built App

Dealer Network will show you Hyundai dealers and service-centres around you.

Hyundai’s Mini-website will allows users to to book a test-drive or even a car online, and get access to special offers.

Notification Centre will send prompts for car maintenance, reports on weekly performance, and messages from dealers or Hyundai themselves.

The In-built app has the options of maps, roadside assistance and other features.

Other Features

Additionally, you will get options of driving information, driving records, roadside assistance, vehicle health and others in the app itself.

It will keep a record of the current distance, current travel time, the distance you have travelled, current day’s total travel time, car’s fuel efficiency, total fuel consumption, hard brakes, rapid accels and more.

The Auto Link app from Hyundai is not a revolution in car technology. But it certainly will be handy for any car owner, as it brings together all the car’s diagnostics, history and health in one place.

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