6 Success Stories Of How Chatbots are Delighting Customers More Than Any Other Technology

Businesses are slowly integrating chatbots in their customer service and interaction functions.


Chatbots Are EverywhereIf 2016 was the year that chatbots started making news for their benefits, 2017 is the year that they proved how they change the game for any organization. It is not surprising that 80% of businesses want to deploy chatbots by 2020!

Let’s take a look at six success stories where chatbots are making mark in customer service and interaction:


Facebook M

Have you ever noticed the tiny ‘M’ logo when you open the textbox on Facebook Messenger? That’s a chatbot for you. When you initiate a conversation on the Messenger, the chatbot pops-in some suggestions. For instance, if you type ‘Hello’, it will show you some stickers or GIF images that you can send to person you are chatting with you. If you are talking about a vacation plan, it will throw options on various destinations and hotels. You can even call a cab! Currently, Facebook M has more than 1.2 million users already!


India’s first and only chatbot to feature in Facebook’s global messenger story is helping some of the biggest brands to give their customers a conversational experience. It acts like a virtual friend which helps customers to book cabs/hotels/movies, pay utility bills, order food and do shopping. In fact, Niki does away with the need of downloading multiple apps on the phone. It gives customers everything they need in a single chat window surface. With 75,000 users and close to 30,000 monthly active visits, Niki has seen a 10 times increase in chat to order conversion on Messenger compared to the web.


The first ever food inspired chatbot Heston is exclusively available on Skype only on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and other web platforms. The parents of Heston bot are Microsoft and Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal. It has a pleasing personality which users find very welcoming to ask questions on everything food – cooking tips, new recipes, menu suggestions, flavour pairings and more. Heston has been a huge hit with foodies and cooks since its launch.


When the cosmetic products giant Sephora launched it chatbot on Kik, the popular anonymous messaging platform, it was a success from the day one. It attracts youngsters with videos, images and text in a quiz-like interface. The company claims that it its user engage through average 10 messages per day. Its second chatbot ‘Sephora Virtual Artist’ on Facebook allows its users to upload a selfie and experiment with different lip colours. Thanks to this chatbot, Sephora has received more than 4 million visits on its mobile app with more than 90 million shades tried on.

Dom The Pizza

Why should the restaurants be left behind when it comes to leveraging chatbot technology to engage customers? Domino’s ‘Dom The Pizza’ bot debuted in 2016 on Facebook Messenger. Instead of creating a profile and set up preorder settings on its website, the pizza lovers can simply can order their favourite menu via prompts or pizza emoji on the chatbot. Right from taking personal information such as name and address to confirming the delivery details, Dom The Pizza’ takes care of everything.
Similarly, Starbucks has a chatbot named ‘My Starbucks Barista’ on its app and TGI Friday also has its bots on Twitter and Facebook.


Instalocate acts like your very own personal travel assistant. One of the most popular flight tracking chatbots, Instalocate gives you exact level of information on flights and handles the most basic queries such as flight status, location of the flight, expected delays and its landing time. In fact, it also lets travellers seek compensation which airlines are bound to pay in case of delays.

Chatbots are making the lives of customers easy with advanced technology, albeit without missing the human touch. Chatbots are the future of customer service; it will reap huge returns for businesses in the years to come. Don’t miss the ‘boat’ or else the opportunities will sail away from you.

About the Author: This article is contributed by Amit Dua – Founder at Signity Solutions and ValueAppz.

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