“Pay With Google” Officially Launched in US; No Transaction Fee For Merchants!

Pay With Google leverages Google's payment API that was launched during Google I/O event this year.


Pay With Google

Google has finally rolled out their much-awaited “Pay With Google” feature, which uses their Payment API, that was launched this year during Google I/O event.

Basically an aggregator for all sorts of payment mechanism, Pay With Google promises a speedy way to pay any merchant, online. And the best part? Merchants who are using this option to accept payment will not be required to pay any transaction fees as well.

On some levels, Google is attempting to match Apple Pay with its flexibility and ease of use.

Will Google succeed?

Pay With Google – The Instant Payment Method

In official blog post, Pali Bhat, VP of Product Management, Payments explained the very foundation of “Pay With Google”: Which is speed.

He said,

“If you’ve ever paid for something on your phone or tablet, you know just how frustrating checkout can be. Maybe you had to fill in a bunch of forms. Maybe your session timed out. Maybe you encountered an error and had to start all over again”

Promising an ultra fast way to pay any merchant online, this new feature is using Google’s Payment API which streamlines the process of payment processing.

As per the official blog, users can use any debit/credit card which has been added to their Google account from products such as Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay.

When the user opts for “Pay With Google”, the API will extract all details from the Google account, and complete the payment with one single password.

This is how it will work, say, in the InstaCart app:

Pay With Google Working With InstaCart

Which Merchants Are Using Pay With Google?

To start with, this feature has been launched in US and UK, in some selected online services and apps.

Pay With Google List Of Merchants

There are total of 15 such services, where Pay with Google can be used, which are: DoorDash, Dice, Yelp, Eat24, Fancy, Gametime, Hotel Urbano, hu.com.br, iFood, Instacart, Kayak, Magazineluiza.com, Postmates, Peixe Urbano, Spot Hero. Very soon, this would be launched for Wish, Airbnb, Caviar, Deliveroo, Guzman y Gomez, Hotel Tonight, Hungry house, Just Eat, Papa Johns, StubHub and TicketCamp.

In May, when Google had launched their Payment API, they had stated that payment can also be done using voice command. For example, all you need to say is “Ok Google, send $10 to Jane for pizza.”, and $10 would be instantly debited from the card attached with your Google account.

Google has actually invited all developers to use their Payment API, and to use it on their websites and apps. Documentation can be found here.

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