Airtel Diwali Dhamaka: myPlan Infinity Offers 500% More Data!

After Jio, Airtel is the next telecom to reveal their special high-capacity data plans.


Airtel myPlan Infinity

As Diwali is coming near, telecom players are devising interesting and appealing plans to lure new and old customers. While Jio has just announced their special Diwali plans, we were expecting something similar from other players as well.

However, Airtel, India’s largest telecom player, and an arch rival of Jio has surprised us with their aggressive stand, for Diwali 2017.

They have just updated their popular myPlan Infinity plans for post-paid customers, and right now, they are offering 500% more data than before!

Besides, there are few other advantages as well, which we will soon discuss.

One thing is clear, it will be a blasting Diwali for Airtel’s post paid customers.

Or will Jio come up with something more explosive?

Airtel’s Aggressive Stand: 500% More Data!

First observed by TelecomTalk, it has been found that Airtel is now giving 500% more data to their myPlan Infinity postpaid customers.

The basic plan under myPlan Infinity, is of Rs 399/-, which earlier used to offer 1GB, which has been now upgraded to offer 10 GB data per billing cycle.

Besides, their other plans under myPlan Infinity have also been upgraded to provide more fireworks.

Here are the new data offers:

  • Rs 499/- plan: 20 GB per billing cycle
  • Rs 649/- plan: 30 GB per billing cycle
  • Rs 799/- plan: 40 GB per billing cycle
  • Rs 999/- plan: 50 GB per billing cycle

However, the real offer lies in their premium plans under myPlan Infinity scheme.

Here are the new, upgraded offers for Diwali:

  • Rs. 1,199/-: 75 GB data per billing cycle
  • Rs. 1,599/-: 100 GB data per billing cycle
  • Rs. 1,999/-: 125 GB data per billing cycle
  • Rs. 2,999/-: 200 GB data per billing cycle

Added Advantage Under myPlan Infinity

Airtel will no doubt provide their Data Rollover option to all of these plans, as per their earlier promise. (200 GB data balance rule persists, which can be removed)

However, now, all users of myPlan Infinity will now get free subscription to Airtel Secure as well. Only Rs 399/- plan holders will not get this freebie.

Under Airtel’s Secure Subscription, users can get protection against malwares, viruses and also security against phishing and web based vulnerabilities.

So, if given a choice between Airtel and Jio this Diwali, which one will you choose? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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