Google Tez App + Google Maps = Specially Customised Offers For You!

Picture this: You are roaming in a neighborhood, visiting some friends. The Tez app installed in your smartphone will join forces with Google Maps, and will instantly alert you, which nearby stores accept Tez payments and offers customized for you!


Google Tez Launched

Google’s own home made payment app Tez has already formulated some cutting edge strategies to counter existing payment apps.

Using Google Maps for creating localized offers from merchants is one of them.

Meanwhile, Google has finally responded to the negative reviews posted by some of the early users on Day 1 of their launch.

Google Tez Will Go Full Local

One of the key features of Google Tez, in coming days, would be to connect the local kirana stores and merchants with the end users.

And when it comes to local, then Google Maps has all the answers.

Picture this: You are roaming in a neighbourhood, visiting some friends. The Tez app installed in your smartphone will join forces with Google Maps, and will instantly alert you, which nearby stores accept Tez payments.

On the other hand, the stores which are accepting Tez app will offer you a specially customized, local offer for you.

A win-win situation.

In an interview, Diana Layfield, vice president and head of finance and commerce products on Google’s Next Billion Users explained the logic behind this local push

She said, “That’s exciting for you as a user and for the merchant. You can see some very exciting ways in which the merchant functionality can evolve,”

Beside, Tez would soon offer some never-seen-before features as well, when it comes to payment apps.

For instance,’Audio QR’.

This is a latest technology being used by Google, where the payment is made using ultrasound waves from your smartphone’s microphone. No number or pin to be shared.

However, the localized offers and local push is the gamechanger which Google is betting on. Tez already supports Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu besides English, and in the coming days, more localized features can be witnessed.

Google Explains What Happened On Day 1

Meanwhile, after thousands of negative ratings & comments popped up on Google Tez’s Playstore page, Google has come out, and explained what happened.

Early users were upset that bank accounts are not being added in the app, and there are issues pertaining to OTP and account setup.

In a Tweet, Google said, “Higher than expected downloads of Tez so some users may experience issues. We’re working on a fix and we’ll update asap. Thx for patience!”

Besides, in the interview, Diana explained that the app was not supposed to be used so early, and this is the reason some features were not working as planned.

She said, “The thing is the app wasn’t supposed to be live until the Finance Minister pressed the send button (for a transaction at the launch). We were still in various testing and partially complete phases so although we’re delighted that thousands of people downloaded and tested it they weren’t really supposed to be.”, adding, “In some sense they met everyone before they were fully dressed,”

Are you using Tez? How is your experience till now? Do share your opinions by commenting right here!

  1. swamyk says

    Today i have installed google tez and one of my friend send me Rs.1 and i have received 51 rs. in my bank account. What if i received Rs.1 From 100 members will get 51 rs. From each person?

  2. Shubham Butola says

    Google tez aap is best it is like that your bank account are inside your smartphone you can send money to any other and can see your bank balance there is no need to entry your passbook or check through atm card. best aap well done google

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