Virat Kohli Is A Responsible Celebrity; Will Not Endorse Pepsi, Fairness Creams

Virat Kohli is setting a good example by following his beliefs


Virat Kohli Responsible Celebrity

Seldom we have seen celebrities saying no to product endorsements, because endorsing such products breaks their ethics.

But Virat Kohli is determined to change the trends here.

In a major decision, he has decided not to endorse Pepsi and fairness creams, because it seems that he doesn’t use these products.

Virat Kohli To Pepsi, Fairness Creams: Sorry, But Big No!

Virat Kohli, 28 year old superstar of Indian cricket has been endorsing Pepsi since 2011.

This year in April, the contract was about to get renewed, when he said plain no to them.

Similarly, few fairness cream brands had approached Kohli for endorsing their products, for which he said no. It is believed that Kohli is strictly against those products which promote racism like fairness products, and junk food/drinks which are bad for health, like Pepsi.

Although Kohli’s management firm Cornerstone hasn’t issued any statement, an insider who has worked with Kohli for determining product endorsements, has revealed that Kohli said no to Pepsi because he himself doesn’t drink it.

That unnamed insider shared with PTI: “Virat also no longer endorses fairness creams or products of that genre. Virat has risen through the ranks by virtue of talent and hard work,”, adding, “The fairness products which relate one’s success with skin tone is something that goes against the values for which Virat stands,”

This is an important development, because last year, Govt. of India had explicitly informed that celebrities are responsible for the products they endorse. In case the claims turn out fake, and/or misleading advertisements are broadcasted, then celebrities can be jailed as well.

In June this year, CBI initiated a probe against Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui for their misleading advertisement in a Click Income ponzi scam.

Is Herbalife A Reason For Saying No To Pepsi?

Meanwhile, there is certainly another angle to this whole episode: Herbalife.

Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of global nutrition company ‘Herbalife’, which offers health drinks and weight reduction products. Now, if Kohli is endorsing such health products, then endorsing Pepsi, a cola drink, seems highly inappropriate.

An ‘Image Consultant’ for celebrities said, “If Virat is endorsing health products of Herbalife, endorsing any junk food or fizzy drinks contradicts with his image..”

It is not yet clear how much Herbalife is offering to Kohli for endorsing their products, and it is also not clear whether Herbalife has asked him to stop promoting Pepsi, or whether any separate deal has happened for that.

Virat Kohli’s advertising deals with sports goods major Puma and tyre manufacturers MRF have been reported to be Rs 100 crore+; and currently he is endorsing 17 products, which includes luxury German car brand Audi and Tissot watches.

Besides, he charges Rs 4.5-5 crore per day for shooting advertisements or appearing for events.

Do you think that Virat Kohli has set a new standard for celebrities, when it comes to product endorsements? Do let us know your opinions, by commenting right here!

  1. Vijayaraj Mukundan says

    This is pure humbug. He is the face of Royal Challengers, one of the most popular brand of Indian alcohols. Now, by no stretch of imagination is RC a health-building tonic. There must be brand clashes or remuneration issues. There is no responsibility celebrity angle to it.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Well said… and I second that opinion!

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