Samsung Phones & Amazon Drones Have Exciting New Patents!

The future is exciting!


The Future Is Exciting Opt

Technological Patents reveal what is in store for us in the future. They reveal the exciting possibilities, and the current breed of research done by tech companies for their products.

Recently, patents by Samsung and Amazon, two of the biggest tech-based companies, revealed what they are planning for tech users, all over the world.

And from the looks of it, they are pretty exciting.

Samsung Phones Will Check If You Are Drunk

Imagine that your phone analyses your speaking pattern, and the content of your breath to determine whether you are drunk or not. Imagine that once your phone is ‘aware’ that you are drunk, it refuses to open your car because now it knows that driving is dangerous.

Something similar can happen very soon with Samsung phone users, as they have patented a technology using which their smartphones would be able to know if the user is drunk or not.

They have invented a S Pen stylus, which will have an embedded Breathalyzer and a microphone, which can be implemented in their next gen Galaxy handsets, due to be launched next year.

S Pen stylus is already an accessory for Samsung’s Note phone series.

Confirming these developments, a Samsung official said, “Samsung filed a patent application for the S Pen that can measure the user’s blood alcohol content in June 2016. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved it last month,”

As per patent details extracted, the S Pen stylus will have high quality sensors, which can check the alcohol level inside the user’s blood, when the stylus is bent at 90 degree for using it as a Breathalyzer or a microphone.

The Samsung official also said, “A patent application does not always mean it will be used in products right away,”

Amazon Drones Will Airdrop Packages Without Landing!

Meanwhile Amazon, which is quite obsessed with drones-related shipping and delivering, have patented a cool idea which will enable even quicker shipping.

As per this new idea, drones would be now able to deliver packages at the customer’s homes, without even landing on the ground.

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These special drones will have a parachute type shroud, which would extend downwards, and packages can be slipped via these shrouds, acting like a ‘channel in which a payload, such as an ordered item, may be passed to facilitate delivery of the item.’

As per the patent details, which was filed last week: ‘When the aerial vehicle (drone) arrives at a delivery area, the shroud is extended from the underneath side of the aerial vehicle as the aerial vehicle descends.’

This mechanism can be quite handy, in those locations where accessibility is a challenge, and where drones cannot land.

In case a terrace is not available for airdropping the package, the shrouds can be extended to the ground level as well, as each of these drones would be powered with 4 shrouds for delivering packages.

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