Delhi Govt. Wants To Ban UberPool & OlaShare; Planning To Launch Their Own App Based Bus Hailing Service

Delhi Govt. is planning to ban Uber/Ola share rides
Delhi Govt. is planning to ban Uber/Ola share rides

You must have heard and read about the advantages of cab sharing in a metro – less pollution as less cars are on the road, less fuel consumption, and less expenses for the consumers. It is a win-win situation, and thanks to apps like Uber and Ola, cab sharing is indeed picking up momentum across India.

But it seems Delhi Govt. has some other plans.

As per reports coming in, it seems that AAP led Delhi Govt. will soon ban all cab sharing services across New Delhi, and the reason is pretty vague: existing rules don’t allow such services.

Meanwhile, it seems that Delhi Govt. wants to launch their own app-based bus hailing service for Delhi citizens, very soon.

Delhi Govt. Wants To Ban Cab Sharing

Right now, Delhi Govt. is busy finalizing the draft of the new City Taxi Scheme, 2017, whose last edition came out in 2015.

As per the new guidelines, Delhi Govt. is all set to place a blanket ban on all types of app-based cab sharing services, which means that useful and environment friendly services like UberPool and OlaShare would be soon banned.

An unnamed Govt. official said, “We plan to regulate operations of app-based cab services. Though a number of features of the scheme are yet to be finalised, cab sharing option would definitely have to go as it is legally not permitted.”

Govt. officials are admitting that cab sharing services are indeed good for the economy and for the consumers. But, it seems that they are held hostage by the rules governing public transport.

One official said, “.. Such operations don’t come under the present legal framework as taxis are only allowed to be hired from one point to another and cannot pick and drop passengers.”

The problem erupted in Karnataka as well, last year, when they banned Uber and Ola, and stopped all forms of services via app. However, later, they created framework for app-based cab services, and also issued license to Ola and other app-based taxi services.

Will Delhi Govt. take some hint from Karnataka?

Delhi Govt. To Launch App Based Bus Ride Services

In the last few days, several buses associated with services such as Shuttl, ZipGo and Ola Shuttle were impounded by Delhi Transport Dept. due to breaking laws.

Now, it seems, that Delhi Govt. will themselves jump into this lucrative business, and start offering the same services, under their own brand name.

Delhi Govt. is right now drafting a proposal called ‘app-based AC Bus Service, 2017’, which will enable the Govt. to launch an app through which office goers and others can easily book a bus ride. The service would be maintained and run by private players.

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said, “Not only do we want more people to shift from cars to public transport, the service will also be an important mode of last mile connectivity and one of the many solutions to lessen pollution and traffic congestions”

Opinion: It seems a clean case of hypocrisy by Delhi Govt: On one hand they are planning to ban app-based services, which will help the consumers, and on the other hand, they are planning to launch similar services, under their own name. Instead of rectifying old laws, and enabling a healthy private-public partnership to solve common urban problems, Delhi Govt. is attempting to launch their own business ventures, which right now, seems utterly wastage of resources.

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