Truecaller Brings Flash Messaging on iPhone; Reply with Emojis, Pre-Written Answers With One Tap


Truecaller Flash Messaging

First introduced by Google Allo, a user could reply to texts and messages using smart replies from the app itself. The built-in assistant would predict replies which could be sent with a single tap.

Now, Truecaller has added a similar feature in its app for iOS. It is fast, free and can easily help you send flash replies to your friends and family. These replies are only for those time when you need to reply quickly or don’t want to bother the other person with a phone call. This feature has already been there on Android platform.

It is a small replacement for phone calls and text messages, especially because it can let you reply with minimal characters and effort. The most interesting part is that it looks like an incoming call but is an incoming message.

How to use flash messaging?

  • Open the Truecaller app and tap on the lightning bolt icon on the screen in front of every user
  • Press on the icon and it will allow you to ask specific questions to that user
  • The user on the receiving side will see the screen light up with it saying ‘Flash received from’, which will look like a call but is just a regular flash message
  • Flash Messaging on Truecaller offers important questions to be answered within 60-seconds or less, so you have 60 seconds to open and answer the flash
  • Swiping up the screen reveals the quick replies like emojis, location and pre-written smart replies. Tap on any one of them and the message is sent instantly

You can check this video on how Flash messaging works!

This new update is available for iOS globally and can be downloaded from Apple App Store. Android users can now use this feature to send quick questions to their friends and family using iPhones.

Even though Google got into this game first, Truecaller has used it for a very specific role that is bound to bring the time one takes to reply to important messages. Often it happens that we’re in an important meeting and message sender needs a reply instantly. This means now you can reply with a yes or a no with a single tap, all in a matter of 2 seconds.

Let’s see when competitors like WhatsApp and Hike bring such smart reply features to their apps since artificial intelligence hasn’t been built on these platforms yet. Truecaller is one of the highly used apps in India and this feature is going to improve its perception even more now.

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