Alibaba Will Open its First Data Center in India by Early 2018!


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Even though Alibaba has not yet entered the Indian market, it has tried to strengthen its foothold in the country. Now, seeing the potential in the Indian market, Alibaba has plans to open its first data centre in our country.

According to IANS, by early 2018, Alibaba Cloud will open its first data centre in Mumbai. Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing services covering IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, big data and bespoke solutions to other companies.

Alibaba Cloud also announced plans to open a data centre in Malaysia, which will be cost-effective to the company and will help improve its footprints in other countries, especially South East Asia.

The company already has its data centres in China, the US, Australia, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, UAE and Singapore. Most of its competitors also have such centres in these countries, which means entering countries like India and Indonesia is more of a strategic plan.

Alibaba’s objective is to benefit small and medium enterprises who could use big data and IoT to succeed in this age of the internet. It will provide them cheaper alternatives to store data that is very safe and secure and can be used for their services.

“I believe Alibaba Cloud, as the only global cloud services provider originating from Asia, is uniquely positioned with cultural and contextual advantages to provide innovative data intelligence and computing capabilities to customers in this region,” Simon Hu, Senior Vice President of Alibaba Group and President of Alibaba Cloud, said at the ‘Computing Conference’ in Shanghai.

The company is also looking to expand to Indonesia soon, which means that the data centres will be more cost effective as compared to AWS and Google, that have centres in Singapore.

Alibaba Cloud’s Practicality in India

Alibaba Cloud wants to enter India not just to provide support to small and medium enterprises, but also to enter agreements with the Government. A lot of Indian companies and even the Government would be able to host their servers on the cloud now, making it easy for them to setup.

“We look forward to working closely with Tata Communications in a bid to provide an exciting proposition with great connectivity for global enterprises wanting to enter China and for Chinese enterprises looking to go global with ease and convenience,” said Yeming Wang, Deputy General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Global.

Cloud services are becoming a huge thing in India, with a lot of foreign players eyeing their spots. Microsoft is planning to enter India with its cloud data centre, and these centres are huge as they store a lot of data. In the end, it is all about the security of data.

Alibaba is a huge name, so people can rely on the company for security and safety. The Government can also leverage and allow the company to increase the number of such data centres as they will help SMEs build a solid network.

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