Self-Operated OYO Townhouse Launches in Bengaluru; Plans to Open 25 Townhouses by Q4 2017



OYO Rooms, India’s largest hotel aggregator, launched OYO Townhouse in New Delhi and Gurgaon. Since then, the service has expanded to Hyderabad in Jubilee Hills and Noida in Sector 51. However, the company’s plan is to rapidly increase the number of townhouses in India.

The USP of these Townhouses is the self-operated service, combined with upmarket feel to them. Now, OYO has launched its Townhouses in Bengaluru, in two locations. The first one is located at Sony Signal in Koramangala, and the second one is at 12th Main, Indiranagar.

The Townhouse apartments are slightly upscale and hence demand higher prices. However, they are extremely flexible and value-for-money. The prices for OYO Townhouse in Bengaluru start from Rs. 2,699 and can go up to Rs. 3,200.

“The idea of OYO Townhouse is to have control and craft experience for the customer from scratch. We realised with our experience that the budget hotel was broken and there always is a compromise in terms of variables of location, comfort, and pricing. In order to control all three aspects, we started OYO Townhouse,” said Abhinav Sinha, COO at OYO.

The team at OYO plans to open 25 such Townhouses by the end of this year, and over 250 in 12 cities in India. Currently, OYO has just 7 Townhouses across India, so a plan to scale it up to 250 requires a lot of effort and planning.

OYO’s Townhouse entry into Bengaluru brings more competition to other hotel aggregators in the silicon valley of India. Interestingly, OYO has also entered into a partnership with Karnataka Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) to operate a few of the Jungle Lodge Resort (JLR) properties.

How will these Townhouse apartments do in big cities?

Townhouses are located in the same cities budget hotels and apartments are. However, what sets these apart is the fact that OYO has put in so much of effort to design them for the customers.

Everything from check-in to check-out times, services in the apartments and amenities are customer-friendly. There are conference rooms, cafes and experiences hoteliers to provide something extra to the customers.

Large hotels often do not have the feel of personal service, which Townhouse aims to do. OYO Townhouse plans to make the customer’s trip more memorable. These properties are also located in areas that have the best services around them and require minimum fidgeting from the customer.

The price per night of these rooms is also not as high as some high-end hotels that offer similar services. If you ever have an option of booking a Townhouse, you should prefer it over a hotel because of the customizability.

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