Jio Offers International Calls At Rs 3/Min; Non-Prime Jio Numbers Are Now Getting Disconnected


Jio Red Sim Card

Reliance Jio has started disconnecting non-Prime numbers, starting April 17th. Many users have received messages, stating that their Non-Prime Jio number would be disconnected. However, we have still not able to find a case, wherein the number has been actually disconnected.

Prime users who still haven’t recharged their numbers with Rs 309 or Rs 509 plan for 1 GB/day or 2 GB/day scheme under Dhan Dhana Dhan offer are still getting messages from Jio, reminding them to immediately recharge their numbers.

As personally experienced, I have a Jio number which has been recharged with Rs 99 to get enrolled into the Prime subscription but hasn’t recharged with Rs 309 or Rs 509 plan. On this number, speed has been reduced, but Internet and VoIP calling is still working.

International Calls At Rs 3/minute

Meanwhile, Jio has launched one of the cheapest international calling plans for all their customers: Now, with a special plan, users can call international destinations for as Rs 3/ minute.

Priced at Rs 501, this special plan is called ‘ISD Cutter’, and for most of the countries, the tariff drops to Rs 3/minute under this plan

Some of the countries where Jio customers can now call for Rs 3/minute under this ISD cutter plans includes: US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, French Guinea, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Rs 4.8/minute would be charged for countries such as Argentina, Denmark, France, Israel, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea.

Calling to China and Mexico would be charged Rs 5 per minute, while calls to Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Netherlands would be Rs 7.2 per minute.

Here is the detailed International call tariff by Jio, under Rs 501 ISD Cutter plan.

And without the plan, every international call would be charged from Rs 15 to Rs 100 per minute, based on the location. Here is the default tariff rates.

Reliance Industries Becomes India’s Most Valuable Company

Meanwhile, the Jio effect is not limited to the just telecom industry.

Due to Jio’s popularity, share prices of Reliance Industries is continuing to experience an upswing. As a result, Reliance Industries has once again become India’s most valuable company after it toppled TCS from the top spot yesterday.

As of now, Reliance Industries has a market cap of Rs 4.57 lakh crore, and their share prices increased to Rs 1410 on BSE, registering an increase of 1.4%.

Ever since Reliance introduced the Prime scheme, shares of RIL has increased almost 30%, as shareholders are now expecting an inflow of money from Jio into their petrol and gas business.

  1. ghazanfar says

    There is a lot of spelling mistakes in “default tariff rates” video. Jio is spelled as Geo. Pls make it correct. Thnx.

  2. Manish Bafna says

    All the popular mobile numbers are not included in this rate cutter plans. See phone number of anyone you know in USA, you will notice that his / her number is not included in the rate cutter plan. Same goes for UK-based numbers. Standard plan rates are very high as compared to the competition.

    Even if you subscribe to the rate cutter plan, you will notice that you are being charged very high since most of the number that you dial in are not covered in the rate cutter pack.

    Also, still there is no facility for post paid numbers. These guys are asking postpaid consumers to make a recharge like prepaid users. A lot of unconsumed ISD call minutes get wasted every month in the process.


  3. Sampath says

    You simply cannot call it Cheap! Aircel offers ISD calls to North America, UK etc at 72p/min.

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