UberMOTO Comes to Jaipur after Gurgaon & Hyderabad; Fares Start at Just Rs. 15!



Gurgaon was the first city to get proper operations of uberMOTO, followed by Hyderabad this year. UberMOTO is the cheapest offering from Uber, with fares as low as Rs. 25 in Hyderabad and Rs. 35 in Gurgaon.

Now, the company has introduced uberMOTO to the third city in India, Jaipur. From today onwards, people in Jaipur will be able to hire a bike taxi for the same route they would have taken a taxi.

Users will be able to book bikes under the new uberMOTO option on the app, get the driver’s location, name and bike’s plate number and will get the ability to share the trip details with friends and families. It works exactly the way a cab ride does.

The only thing to keep in mind is that only one person can ride a bike at a time, so if you’re two or more than two, then you can continue to request a cab. The fares start at Rs. 15 in the city,

Shri Yunus Khan, Hon’ble Transport Minister, Rajasthan said, “Uber has added another feather in our partnership today by launching UberMOTO to help solve the transportation and congestion problems for people in Jaipur and I am hopeful that this service will help people in reaching their destination quickly and conveniently.It will also be instrumental in creating economic opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs in Jaipur.”

How uberMOTO works:

  • Download the Uber app for iOS or Android and create an Uber account if you haven’t already
  • Select uberMOTO in the app from the options at the bottom, enter the pickup location and payment method, and request a ride; receive driver details — name, photo and details of the motorbike
  • uberMOTO drivers will have one helmet for the rider, and all riders and drivers must wear a helmet, as per the law
  • At the end of the trip, pay by cash, credit/debit card or mobile wallet and receive an electronic receipt via the Uber app, like you do for cab rides

Uber has launched almost 200 bikes for now and will increase the inventory as per the demand. This initiative is also aimed at increasing the jobs in Rajasthan, as a part of the ‘Resurgent Rajasthan’ summit. The Government had started planning for the same last year in November.

This new feature makes rides so much more affordable and convenient for people in Jaipur, considering it is not a metro but is a decently large city. The company hasn’t released a detailed tariff list yet, so stay tuned for more.

Source: Uber

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