Now, Reliance Jio Offers 100% Cashback For Prime Membership; Upto 120 GB Free On Annual Recharge!


Reliance Jio’s Rs. 999/- Android-Based 4G VoLTE Feature Phone Coming Soon!

The period post-March 31st would be the real litmus test for Mukesh Ambani’s Jio because, after that day, Jio would be no longer free. The number of Prime’s paid customer base shall determine Jio’s true impact, and the company has left no stone unturned to make sure that maximum free customers convert into paid ones.

Although a recent survey said that up to 84% users of existing free offers will opt for Jio Prime, Mukesh Ambani is taking no chance.

In their newest push for enabling more Prime memberships, Jio is now offering up to 120 GB of free 4G data on annual recharges; and has offered 100% cashback for Prime memberships, thereby making it free.

Prime Membership Can Now Be 100% Free


Jio has smartly used their existing Jio Money wallet to launch a 100% cashback offer for those customers, who use Jio Money to purchase Prime membership costing Rs 99.

Their new offer states Rs 50 cashback for all recharges of Rs 99 and more done via Jio Money.

Here is how you can get your Jio Prime Membership for free:

  • Use Jio Money app to purchase Jio Prime membership costing Rs 99.
  • Under their new offer, you will get Rs 50 cashback on Jio Money.
  • Then, use Jio Money again to recharge Rs 303 or Rs 499 for one month.
  • Under the existing offer, you will again get Rs 50 cashback on Jio Money.
  • At this moment, you have already bought Jio Prime Membership by paying Rs 99; recharged your Jio number for Rs 303 or Rs 499 for a month, and received cashback of Rs 100 on Jio Money.
  • Hence, basically, you are getting Jio Prime membership for free. All you need to pay is monthly recharge of Rs 303 or Rs 499

Note here, that the Rs 100 cashback would be provided in the form of the discount voucher on Jio Money app, which can be used for recharging Jio numbers between March 25 and June 30, 2017. And, this cash back offer of Rs 50 is valid only for 5 successful transactions.

Up to 120 GB Free On Annual Recharges

Meanwhile, there is another big bonanza from Jio for those users, who are doing an annual recharge.

Earlier, the BOGO (Buy One Get One Offer) for data offer was applicable only for a month, which has now been extended to 12 months.

Hence, if a user recharges his Jio number by paying Rs 303, he will be getting 5GB additional data. Now, if he recharges for 12 months, then he will get this 5GB extra every month for a year, thereby getting 60 GB in a year.

Similarly, if the user recharges Jio number for Rs 499, he was getting 10 GB extra for a month. Now, if he recharges Rs 499 pack for a year, then he can get 120 GB as free data for a year.

Whole Year Recharge

Hence, overall, per GB cost has further come down with this new offer.

Say a user recharges Rs 303 plan for a year, then he will pay Rs 3636 in one go. Under this scenario, he will be getting total of 336 GB (in pack) + 60 GB (free) = 396 GB in a year. This will make per GB cost as Rs 9.

In case he recharges Rs 499 for a year, then he will pay Rs 5988 in one go, and get 672 GB (in the pack) + 120 GB (free), in a year. This will make per GB cost as Rs 8.

Will you opt for Jio Prime? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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