YouTube Will Now Highlight Select Upcoming Creators & Artists Every Week!


Youtube on the rise

The amount of content that gets uploaded on YouTube is tremendously high and more often than not, some interesting and good content gets shadowed by ridiculous videos. The company even tweaked its algorithms to show more regional content to its viewers but it didn’t work as expected.

It is not possible for YouTube to individually promote specific videos that a viewer might be interested in, despite the algorithms. For this reason, YouTube will be highlighting creators and artists who are on the rise in a new section of the ‘Trending Tab’ in the United States.

According to YouTube, over 1,000 creators cross 1,000 subscribers and the company wants to celebrate their growth and contribution to the community. Each week, four different creators and artists will be highlighted and featured for a full day on Trending with the following badges: Creator on the Rise or Artist on the Rise (music content).

“Any creator or artist with over 1,000 subscribers is eligible to be featured. On The Rise creators and artists will be highlighted based on a bunch of factors including view count, watch time and subscriber growth. Our team is also involved in the process to help select which eligible creators will be featured,” the blog post read.

A team at YouTube will be handpicking these artists every week and feature them for a whole week so as to help their content reach a wider audience, and so viewers to explore more interesting videos on the internet.

Two artists and two creators each will also be able to share the moment with fans when they get featured. It will also inspire these YouTubers to get their subscriber count up and create videos that not just entertain but inspire them.

On the Rise Youtube

Can this featuring be biased?

If you look at it now, there is no way to differentiate someone with a 1,000 subscriber base with a 40,000 subscriber count. The ones with lower subscribers should ideally be featured more, and only a few over 100,000 that have been growing slowly.

YouTube also hasn’t discussed how they will eventually choose these four artists and creators, so it might as well be a lucky draw from a pool of YouTubers with over 1,000 subscribers. This should boost the content for people who have amazing videos but do not get discovered.

No one is sure why YouTube went with a cutoff of 1,000 subscribers because it is the hardest to reach 1,000. Post that, it gets a little easier to get to bigger numbers. If it is still a matter of views and subscribers, then the feature will not serve the purpose.

Source: YouTube

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