Should You Buy The Gionee S6 Pro? It’s A Matter of Price Vs Quality!


Gionee S6 Pro

Buying a new phone has never been so difficult before. There was a time when we had to choose from a couple of phones, but now we are spoilt for choice. Broadly speaking, most people make a purchase decision on either price or design. If money is not a major constraint for you, and you are inclined more towards build quality and durability, then you should look at Gionee S6 Pro.

The phone ups the ante by offering an octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 13 MP rear & 8 MP front camera, 64 GB internal storage expandable to 256 GB via hybrid slot, 5.5” full-HD display, and is powered by a 3130 mAh battery.

S6 Pro runs on Amigo UI 3.2 based on Android Marshmallow 6.0 and is currently available on Amazon for Rs. 21,000 approximately. The phone comes with a lot of pre-installed apps like the GStore, Gionee VR, Facebook, Instagram, and some popular games. It also comes with an inbuilt Video Editor which lets you do high-quality video editing.

Gionee S6 Pro Back

However, despite all this, it is not finding many takers. Many believe that the phone is priced a bit too high for its worth. Now while I understand why they think so, it is important to first understand that the S6 Pro is not a spec-sheet monster as it was never designed to be one. It won’t top the charts of popular benchmarks and it also doesn’t come with those any extra features like IP67 certified, IR blaster, and the likes.

So why should anyone invest their hard-earned money into it?

The answer is pretty simple. Buy this phone if you want a phone not for showing off but something that just works and never disappoints you.

Now without getting into too many technical details, let’s talk about how the phone performs in the real-world.

The rear 13 MP camera can shoot full-HD videos while it is limited to HD for the front 8 MP shooter.

Gionee S6 Pro Rear Camera

The camera app has an intuitive interface having minimal options. However, it offers quite a few modes like HDR, Night, Panorama, Professional (manual), Time-lapse, Slow motion, Smart Scene, Text Recognition, Macro, GIF, PicNote, Ultra Pixel, Smart Scan, and Mood photo.

Gionee S6 Pro Camera Sc

Talking about image quality, the rear camera is able to capture great amount of details although with a little noise which seems to be kept purposely for not losing out on the fine details.

Gionee S6 Pro HDR vs NonHDR

HDR vs Non-HDR

 Gionee S6 Pro 100pc crop

100% Crop

In short, this is a no nonsense camera that just gets the work done.

The S6 Pro will make heads turn for sure. The phone has a unibody design which according to Gionee is carved out of 97% aluminium. Its chamfered edges play an important role in improving the overall oomph of the phone.

Gionee S6 Pro Bottom

Gionee S6 Pro Top

Gionee S6 Pro Side

Now what I would like to point out is the tactile feedback of the physical buttons. I just loved it.

Throughout my usage of more than a week, the phone didn’t give me any chance to complain about its processing power. Sure, you can get other phones boasting Snapdragon 800 series processor that will top the benchmark charts, but if you are looking for real-world performance, then the Gionee S6 Pro has all that you need.

The loudspeaker is really loud and delivers excellent audio quality, unlike its other Chinese counterparts.

Gionee phones have never disappointed me as far as their battery backup is concerned. The S6 Pro is no different and provides one full day of battery backup with light to medium usage.

To push the battery to its limits, I used only 4G data for accessing the internet, and even then the phone lasted for a good 10 hours before giving up on me. My usage scenario included 30-50 minutes of gaming, about 2 hours of web browsing, more than 30 minutes of video streaming, 20-30 mins of voice calls, and about half an hour of listening to offline music.

Is It A Buy or No Buy?

The Gionee S6 Pro is a phone that excels in the department of ergonomics and outshines its rivals in terms of looks. So, even if the phone doesn’t offer the top of the line hardware and features, it just works and that too without a hiccup.

With its excellent build quality and superior performance, the S6 Pro is tailor-made for those who care only about the things that matter the most, and not fret about the specifications.

The Gionee S6 Pro costs Rs. 21,000 approx. which might seem too much at first, but once you get hold of the phone you will understand why it is priced so aggressively. The S6 Pro will take you to a higher level where there is no place for bragging about the hardware specifications, but about enjoying the modern-day smartphone computing.

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    Good review. Audio quality as you mentioned is excellent, need to be checked. as I had different experience with Gionee

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