Snapdeal Now Delivers Rs. 2,000 To Your Home With ‘Cash@Home’ Service


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Demonetisation has hit the Indian economy very hard and the public is not able to recover from it. A few companies tried to help the Indians get cash fast, without standing in line, while Snapdeal tried to offer card on delivery to reduce the need to exchange cash.

Now, Snapdeal has launched a pilot service in Gurugram and Bengaluru, called ‘Cash@Home’ that allows users to order cash and deliver it at the doorstep. The users will be able to pay for the cash through their ATM card.

Snapdeal has also mentioned that they will only be able to deliver the cash on the basis of availability of cash. This facility will also be extending to other cities soon, and we hope Snapdeal plans to do this for smaller towns and villages where the cash economy has been hit extremely hard.

If cash is available with Snapdeal, you will get a push notification as well as an SMS before you confirm delivery of cash. The cash availability will be area wise and some areas will definitely run out of cash before others.

Snapdeal in an official statement said, “The service is a goodwill gesture by Snapdeal to allow users to easily access cash without having to queue up at their bank or at the ATMs. We will charge a nominal amount of one rupee as convenience fee, which will need to be paid through FreeCharge/through a debit card at the time of booking the order.”

The Cash@Home service is already live and few people have even tweeted about getting Rs. 2000 delivered at their homes!

How to use this facility?

If you don’t have the Snapdeal app on your smartphone, make sure you download it. If you already have the app, make sure you have updated it to the latest release. Sign-up on the app for usual shopping.

To avail Cash@Home facility, you have to pay a convenience fee of Rs. 1, either through FreeCharge or your debit card. A Snapdeal executive will come to your house the next day and hand over the requested amount(capped at Rs. 2,000) once you swipe your debit card.

This transaction can only be carried out for one day at a time, and is available only on the app. Snapdeal is also trying to make sure you’re connected to the app and use it more often.

For Snapdeal to ensure smooth implementation, the company must have real time inventory of cash with them so that the users don’t have the trouble of cancelling their order every time Snapdeal runs out of cash. Also, there could be users trying to get cash from other parts of large cities to meet their demand, and this might cause inconvenience to those who actually need it.

  1. P PERIYANNAN says

    Very good idea to provide cash at door step. SNAPDEAL may do the following.
    1. List out the Cities, where there is big queue in the ATMs.
    2. Provide near the ATMs Cash DIRECTLY to the people. You and people will gain a lot.
    3. Extend the facility to all Metro Cities first.
    This will be a big service to the NATION.

  2. Srinvasa Chaitanya says

    Our government is trying to Promote a Cashless Economy. Instead of delivering notes, they should educate people about online transactions and UPI wallets.

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