Google Allo Now Offers Google Assistant in Hindi With Smart Replies; Hinglish Dictionary Further Expanded


Google Allo Assistant Hindi Support

The instant messaging platform from Google, Allo, was launched in September this year. Giving important to India, it was actually made available to the Indian users first over other countries. This importance to India is only because of the potential in the 1.25 billion population of our country.

First Google Maps in Hindi, then Google Search results also in Hindi and now Google Allo also supports Hindi. This means that you can converse with the Google Assistant, and people in general, in Hindi, in addition to Hinglish and English.

In the latest update, Google Assistant will also offer support to Brazilian Portuguese, which means that right now, English, Hindi, Hinglish and Brazilian Portuguese can be spoken by the assistant. Hindi is one of the most spoken first language in the world and Google is trying to attract a lot of people who are comfortable in Hindi.

This goes without saying that all the features will also be supported in Allo’s assistant – smart replies, setting reminders and alarms, and voice input. It will automatically detect your language and suggest you replies in the same language.

“Over the last two months since we launched, Google Allo has received tremendous feedback, especially in India, which has one of the highest number of Google Allo users. Today, I am very excited to share with you that the Google Assistant and Smart Reply in Google Allo are now available in Hindi – for new and existing users,” said Google’s blog post.

How to enable Google Assistant in Hindi?

To start using the Assistant in Hindi,just say “Talk to me in Hindi” or adjust the language setting on your device. You can either talk to the Assistant on a single chat, or bring it into a group chat by typing @google.

The smart reply feature has been built right into Allo for Hindi language. Powered by Machine Learning, Google Allo not just understands text, but can also help with suggested responses to images sent by friends and family – all in Hindi.

Coming to Hinglish, now you can respond to your friends’ question “Kya haal hai” with “Sab theek hai” or a with a single tap. Allo will detect the language automatically and suggest you responses. As soon as you revert to English, it will provide smart replies in English.

No other messaging service can offer smart replies and machine learning technology built into it. WhatsApp, Telegram and other such platforms work on ‘no data sharing and saving’ policy, however Google saves the chats and uses them for its own machine learning technology. So all these features actually come at a cost.

Allo has finally stepped up the game quickly by offering Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese language support to its users, but it might not counter other chat platforms. WhatsApp has been killing it with the recent video call release, which poses a major threat to both Duo and Allo from Google.

And while you are at it, do throw out a few hindi phrases at Allo’s Google Assistant, and let us know your experience!

Source: Google

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