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The festival season is here and with it comes a bunch of ads from all kinds of brands. Some are good, some are bad, and some are sheer noise and glitter. While the viewers’ verdict for these are still awaited, Google has revealed on Thursday the India YouTube ads leaderboard, a coveted list of ads that India chose to watch during the months of July, August and September. These are the most creative and most watched ads.

According to a statement by Google, the top 10 ads accounted for a total of 2.8 lakh hours of watch time combined and 72% of these ads were viewed on mobile devices.

Here is a list of the top 10 ads:


1. Sheron ke Panje – Dettol

Dettol’s new ad for their liquid hand washer and sanitizer is based on the tagline: Maa maane Dettol ka dhula. The ‘Sheron ke Panje’ ad jingle is an extension of their famous ‘Dettol Dettol ho’ jingle.

The ad emphasizes on washing hands using Dettol before every meal. The kids in the ad go on schooling the adults, and sometimes their friends about the importance of washing their

hands to prevent spreading diseases.

The catchy jingle and the cute kids are the highlights of the ad and work wonders for a brand recall.

2. Mom Be A Girl Again – Amazon

The ‘Mom Be A Girl Again’ campaign by Amazon is led by three ads and is yet another masterpiece by Ogilvy and Mather.

The ads beautifully capture the mothers, who have had to sacrifice their hobbies when life got in the way and forego the joy it brought to them, by running after their kids. The campaign focuses on how these mothers are encouraged to relive their childhood, follow their passion and laugh like a kid again, in short, be a girl again!

The campaign tries to connect with the audience emotionally by showcasing the pure sacrifices that their mothers make and how they can help their mothers get that joy back with the smallest thoughtful gestures.

3. MP Mein Dil Hua Bacche Sa – MP Tourism

The Madhya Pradesh state Tourism’s ad campaign emphasis on how visiting the state will make you feel like a child, happy, and awestruck.

The ad describes all of the state’s attractions using colourful dancing dolls. The ad’s tagline “MP Mein Dil Hua Bacche Sa” is aptly reflected in its visuals, the dancing dolls and the vocals sung by a kid.

Even though the actual tourist locations aren’t showcased in the ad, the customised dolls depicting them, along with the smartly placed audios (a tiger’s roar, the silence at Sanchi) are enough to engage the audiences and generate curiosity among them.

4. Bajaj V- The Invincible

The ad for Bajaj’s new model, Bajaj V, is in the form of a recital about the origin of the bike from India’s first aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant.

The ad describes the journey of INS Vikrant, the Invincible and how the new Bajaj V is molded out of the scrap of the aircraft carrier, making it just as much invincible. The features of the bike are then highlighted, to prove the point.

The powerful narration and the background score, A R Rahman’s rendition of ‘Vande Mataram’, aim at generating a sense of patriotism and pride in the viewers and stressing upon its strength, and invincibility.

5. Biggest Small Change – Idea

The newest ad by Idea with the tagline: The Biggest Small Change, shows the advantages of 4G and how it enhances user experience.

The ad showcases different instances like streaming an HD video, video chatting with friends, live streaming a match and downloading movies in seconds and how a small change to 4G makes a big change for these people who live online.

The ad reveals the difference 4G makes in every day usage and is thus, a good way to connect with the internet savvy generation.

6. Kinder Joy New Imagination

Kinder Joy’s new ad, ‘Imagination ko jodo’ is targeted at kids and encourages them to use their imagination to explore new, magical worlds.

The ad is made for the kids, by the kids, well, almost. The ad features kids playing with their new toys (different for boys and girls), lost in the worlds of their imagination. The background score is also sung by kids. The ad shows the various toys, offered with Kinder Joy (80 in total).

The ad aims at engrossing the kids completely, and urging them to use their imagination to play with their new toys.

7. Kapil Sharma ne Dikhaya #AngrezipantiKoAngootha – Micromax

Seems like Micromax is going desi with their new ad, not just with the content, but also with the desi actor, Kapil Sharma, who says no to ‘Angrezipanti.’

The ad shows the comedian turned actor lecturing an assistant director on how speaking or understanding English cannot be the only factor for success. The ad ends with the tagline, ‘Hunar ki koi bhasha nahi hoti’ meaning ‘Talent doesn’t have a language.’

The ad is new and refreshing in the sense it subtly places the product, Micromax Canvas unite 4, while delivering a message close to the hearts of many who think English is not necessary for being successful. This can also be perceived as a negative point since the ad doesn’t mention any of the features of their newest product.

8. Pepsi Mood Vending Machine – A good exam ends with #PepsiMoji

Pepsi’s ad is actually an experiment carried out in a Delhi college during exam time when the only mood prevalent is the fear of exams.

The ad shows how Pepsi installed a mood vending machine in a college with 6 different moods to choose from. The students had to choose a mood, perform the task assigned and get a Pepsi to match your mood.

The ad is a social experiment in how the smallest rewards can make you happier and how Pepsi manages to do just that, make you happy.

9. Airtel Open Network

Airtel Open Network ad campaign is led by different ads showing people narrating their stories of network problems and how the Airtel Open Network helped resolve their issues.

The ads show different users like offices, housing societies, and individual users complaining about their problems with the network, or rather the lack of it and how their issues were dealt with by Airtel.

The biggest plus for the ad is that it never refutes the problems faced by its customers. It rather focuses on the problem solving aspect, wherein the complaints registered with the Airtel Open Network are attended within a short time span and corrections are made accordingly.

10 Fashion Kar Le And Style Bana Le – Myntra

Myntra’s new ad shows people from different backgrounds, professions and age groups flaunting their fashionable outfits.

The ad aims at conveying the message that fashion is for everyone be it a rickshaw driver, a housemaid, a nurse or even a grandpa and his grandson. The ad was released ahead of Myntra’s ‘Right to Fashion’ Sale.

The ad is successful in a way that it resonates with all kinds of audiences.

While these are the ads of very diverse brands, they have a running theme or some common thread. Most of these ads bank on the emotional connect with the viewers. Some ads involve children, or themes based on children to engage their viewers.

These perspectives may have worked for the above ads, but will this formula for success continue to work in the constantly changing and ever evolving market is a question.

This is a guest post contributed by Veda Kulkarni, an MBA Marketing student. You will find her lost in the books almost always and for the rest of her time she loves to explore new places and hang out with friends.

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