VMware Wants To Revolutionize Digital Businesses Via Hybrid Cloud, Software Defined Data Center & Digital Workplaces


VMware Horizon

In this cut throat age of competition, flexibility and mobility matters like never before.

Today, when a delay of few days in product launch can cause million dollar losses; when downtime of few hours can change the quarterly results of an ecommerce portal and when delay in detection of bugs can forever alter the future of a software company; digital & IT companies like looking for sharp solutions for effective results.

18 year old VMware, which provides scalable and power-featured cloud infrastructure and business mobility solutions is now attempting to revolutionize businesses via it’s flagship products in the domains of software-defined data centers, unified hybrid clouds and digital workspaces.

VMware’s innovation in cloud and virtualization space has been promised to deliver a platform which is fluid, responsive to business needs, flexible, scalable and most importantly, secured. With more than 50,000 customers, 75,000 partners and 19,000 employees across 50 offices worldwide, VMware unleashes a brave new world of IT infrastructure, never seen or experienced before.

And the data speaks for itself: In 2015, VMware churned out revenues worth $6.6 billion (Rs 43,500 crore), they right now serve 100% of Fortune 100 enterprises, 99% of Fortune 500 enterprises and 99% of Fortune 100 enterprises.

In a recently concluded event, “VForum2016: be_Tomorrow”, leaders from VMware shared some exciting details about their journey so far, and showcased some of the world class and high-end products in the domain of cloud, virtualization & business mobility which can transform the way businesses are conducting their operations worldwide.

Sample this: Virtualization provided by VMware in India last year helped various organizations to save 603 million megawatt hours of power consumption, which was enough to power whole of India for 6 months!

Some more highlights, announcements and news from the event:

VMware Partners With Skype For Business: For enhancing the experience of video calls on Skype, VMware announced a strategic partnership with ‘Skype for Business’. After this partnership, VMware’s Horizon client can be used to access Skype, which will enable a new media plug-in within Skype for loading and running media files faster and smoothly.

VMware’s Partnership With Amazon For a new Hybrid Cloud Service: Customers who are using both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware can now experience and utilize software defined data center services in one single platform. This was made possible due to a strategic partnership with Amazon which will help VMware to build and deploy a seamless hybrid cloud, thereby getting the best of both public and private clouds.

VMWARE Cloud Architecture

VMware Cloud on AWS will now enable customers to run various applications VMware vSphere cloud environment, which contains the best features of public, private and hybrid clouds, all integrated into one. VMware on AWS has been described as an on-demand, elastically scalable cloud infrastructure for digital and IT companies.

This product would be available from June/July next year.

The Future of Businesses Via Digital Workspaces: VMware’s suite of end-user computing solutions have been announced, which will help organizations to connect and monitor various devices used by employees such as desktop computers, laptops and mobiles. This suite of powerful applications can help organizations deploy BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concepts and assist employees to be more productive and flexible.

The new features announced by VMware combines VMware AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management and VMware Workspace ONE, and extends VMware Airwatch into cloud management of devices used by employees, for greater security and monitoring. Besides, this new suite will provide organizations with advanced apps and tools, which can be seamless deployed across all devices using one single-point control mechanism.

Interestingly VMware Airwatch also enables integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices into their eco-system, which will enable even greater scale to induce mobility and high end technology into the day to day operations of any company.

In other words, the entire concept of Digital workplaces has been transformed by VMware here.

Besides these announcements, senior leaders from VMware also briefed the audience about their earlier partnerships with IBM for enabling easy hybrid cloud adoption, launch of Cross-Cloud Architecture for making private clouds easy and enabling more freedom for their users, their progress in extending VMware Airwatch Enterprise Mobility Management into analytics platform besides providing a demo of the same.

VMware’s Indian Operations Gaining Momentum

Interestingly, a lot of these developments and research has happened in India, as Indian businesses and startups are increasingly looking forward to implement hybrid cloud and virtualization platforms from VMware, besides using digital workplaces for more mobility.

VMware launched their Indian operations in 2005, and right now, they serve around 4000 Indian customers, constituting various industries. VMware has expanded their workforce to 3500 employees in India and right now, they have 6 locations in India where high end research and development work is currently going on.

Last year, VMware inaugurated their state of the art campus in Bangalore, where they invested close to $120 million for creating a 438,000 square feet campus. VMware plans to spend $500 million in India in the next 12 months.

VMware’s Bangalore campus is currently working on R&D, Global Support Services, World Wide Customer Operations, IT and Sales & Marketing; and they have been instrumental in breaking new barriers in their software-defined data centers, hybrid cloud and end-user computing technologies.

On the other hand, their Pune campus has been phenomenal in launching new feature and products in Networking and Security domain.

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