Flipkart launches ‘F-assured’ to Take on Amazon Prime & ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’


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Amazon Prime is coming to India soon, and while the speculations are rising, Flipkart is gearing up to counter Prime and Fulfilled services with its own premium service, F-Assured. The company probably ran out of names but Flipkart is working hard towards getting the service out to its customers.

Bangalore-based e-commerce giant, Flipkart, is going to launch F-assured to improve the experience of customers on its website and enhance the shopper’s delight. It is basically a bumped up regular Flipkart service that will ensure there are more rigorous quality checks and faster deliveries made.

Flipkart had launched Flipkart First, a subscription-based service that provided faster deliveries, free shipping, priority customer service and better replacement guarantees. F-assured will be a replacement for Flipkart Advantage, with stricter norms.

One of the initiatives under the program will be Flipkart’s technical representatives visiting customer’s houses assisting them with any issue they’re facing in their smartphone. F-assured will also focus on mobile phones, large appliances and consumer electronics sold by WS Retail.

Other details of the program

According to a report by ET, “With F-Assured, a customer will get products that Flipkart promises will undergo six different quality checks… a better return policy and same or next-day free delivery.”

F-assured will act as a counter to both Fulfilled by Amazon and Amazon Prime with quality assurance as well as faster delivery options and discounts on specific products that pass quality checks.

Flipkart is also planning to bring online all the people from the younger generation that still have not tried e-commerce shopping. There will be ads targeted at 20-30 year olds and increase the customer base with a population that is most easy to convert.

Isn’t it too late for F-assured?

Surely Amazon Prime isn’t there, but Fulfilled by Amazon has ensured there are thorough quality checks before shipping a product. Amazon is also known for providing deliveries is relatively less amount of time, without the Prime service in India.

Apart from providing product checks and faster improved delivery services, Flipkart should combined the subscription service to counter Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime also offers video on demand service, discounts and delivery options to choose from. Flipkart does not have such an initiative under it yet.

Now at least, there won’t be cases of Flipkart delivering bricks and stones to its customers as the company aims to ensure end-to-end quality delivery, specifically of consumer electronics.

  1. Chetan says

    F-Assured, now that’s a bad choice for a name. Guess what customers/media will popularly interpret the F to stand for whenever issues with the service arise? PR disaster in the making.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hahaha… that is one way to interpret it :)

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