Indians Have Saved Whopping 36,000 TB of Data With Opera Mini in 1 Year, Company Claims!


Opera Mini Browser

If you didn’t know it already, Google Chrome for Android sucks a lot of your data. So if you’re using it as your default browser, you should probably switch to something else and save those precious MBs.

Opera Browser, on the other hand, has a thing for data saving. With every new release, the company claims to cut the data consumption and increase data savings. The app also shows you the amount of data you have saved, so that you continue to give it priority over other browsers.

According to a report released by the company ‘State of the Mobile Web’, Opera Mini has saved about 36,000 Terabytes of data in one year, which is about 98TB of data everyday. On an average, an internet user has saved 100MB of data everyday on Opera Mini.

Opera India also claims that the total savings costs come to about Rs. 690 Crores, where 1GB has been equated to Rs. 137. The browser has the ability to compress webpages by upto 90%, thereby reducing the need to access more data.

Bruce Lawson, Deputy CTO at Opera, said, “To stay ahead of our consumers’ ever-evolving needs, we keep updating Opera Mini to help them browse faster and more efficiently. The latest version of Opera Mini comes with new updates such as language support, ad blocker integration and video boost.”

What does it mean for Opera users?

Opera users in India have literally saved upto 90% of their internet costs on the browser. The compression technology is far superior as compared to other similar browsers, and at the same time does not reduce the user interface.

A lot of users in India still continue to use mobile websites instead of apps, and these websites account for majority of the data. Opera’s data saving settings along with in-app tweaks allow users to check their data usage and use their services accordingly.

Google Chrome aims to deliver a high-end user experience, at the cost of high data usage. Opera Mini browser does not compromise on any such experience and delivers the best out there. India is one country that lacks good internet facilities and data saving is the need of the hour.

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