More than 500 locations in East Delhi Will be Equipped with Free Wi-Fi by year end: Delhi Govt


More than 500 locations in East Delhi to be Equipped with Free Wi-Fi by year end: Delhi Govt

One of the AAP Government’s agenda was to provide free WiFi to residents of Delhi and the Government is finally taking prominent steps in that direction. What had to kick-off by February 2016 has been delayed by nearly a year now.

Starting with East Delhi, AAP Government is planning to install more than a thousand hotspots in more than 500 locations with over 1,000 hotspots in these areas. The internet connection is expected to cater to more than 1.2 Lakh people in the area.

“The Delhi government has prepared the Wi-Fi project, which is set to be the largest such project in the world. These 571 pre-identified locations will have 1,000 hotspot zones. Each hotspot zone will have three access points and will cater to around 120 people at a time,” Ashish Khetan, Vice Chairman – Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) of Delhi, said.

As notified previously, WiFi will be tracked on the usage and not on time, so as to allow everyone to be able to use hi-speed internet. Ashish Khetan did not confirm the quota, but mentioned that it will be in line with the average daily usage for a user recommended by TRAI.

Future projects in pipeline for Delhi residents

AAP Government wants to equip whole of Delhi with free WiFi in another two years, and bring it up to speed with other countries like China, Singapore, the US and the UK. Arvind Kejriwal’s vision is to make India a smart city by 2018 and we hope the Government is striving towards that.

On the other hand, the Delhi Government is also looking to employ fibre optic to connect every household in Delhi with high-speed and an efficient internet. Fibre net technology brings ridiculously fast internet speeds and an efficient connection in this era of broadband internet.

What is also known is that Fiber net in India can prove to be expensive considering the auction process and the need for licenses by the ISPs. If AAP is able to implement this technology sooner than other states, it will set a whole new benchmark in the country.

Who doesn’t like free WiFi? We don’t know what is taking this long for the Delhi Government to roll out WiFi services, but we’re waiting very eagerly to access free internet in places that lack network connectivity, especially the Delhi Metro.

Let’s see if the Delhi Government actually delivers to its promise of installing free WiFi in the city, something we have been waiting for since the day the Government got elected.

Source: HT

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    This is the good news ..for all user free wi-fi services strated by APP goverment…in Delhi..More than 500 locations in East Delhi . so thank so much for the aware from this good news . because i have no any about this .. so thanks again for the great idea sharing…

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